The fruit of Summer 2018 – got to be the lemon. They’ve been seen splashed across street style sites and Instagram… on bags, dresses, jeans even hair scrunchies. And the colour – looking to be this Summers unsuspecting hero.

The little lemon dress. Ok – some of these are across the yellow spectrum but a little Summer dress in a sunshine hue is the perfect way to wear the trend. I am not sure its possible to wear to yellow and not feel in a summer state of mind. I’ve included a little lemon bikini below too – super cute for holidays! As well as my usual plethora of style inspo… enjoy…

Shopping time….

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I am always hesitant to write resolutions for New Years – instead I like to think of them as my goals for the year ahead. Creating a plan for life. Things I would like to achieve and ways in which I can get there. This year there really is one goal. A simple aim – to just go through the year with a content feeling of happiness. And as pinterest and instagram like to tell me – happiness is a choice – not a result. So I am flying into 2018 making a conscious choice to feel happy in each and every area of my life.

How to achieve that – I have broken it down into five categories of my life that I deem to be really important to me…

  1. Happy as a mother
  2. Happy as a wife
  3. Happy in myself
  4. Happy as a friend
  5. Happy in my work

To be happy as a mother I know I must be humble enough to realise I certainly haven’t got it mastered. Brave enough to keep trying. And thankful enough to see the grace in it all. Its not easy through the mess and chaos. And I will continue to always try and be ‘in the moment’ as I know thats when I am always at my best.

As a wife I know my husband gets put to the bottom of the pecking order now the girls are here. I want to dedicate time that is just his. Not me talking about the girls, or life admin, schools and bills… nor saying ‘hang on a minute babe I just need to post this picture’. But time that is blocked out (in my mind) as time for just us like it always used to be. I truly believe the best relationships are nurtured. And my husband is my rock he needs to be shown that every now and then.

To be happy in myself… comes complete body acceptance, accepting the dimples that once weren’t there, the stretching post-pregnancy skin that no longer sits taught across my stomach… the lines on my face… the marks of having a life and a damn good one at that. And to be truly happy I know I also need to be healthy (maybe just healthier)… less McDonalds and more fresh produce thats going to nourish me. Chocolate wine and gin are non negotiable. But regular exercise is on the list.

Since having children finding the time to see my absolute diamond friends has become really hard. As people have moved to Hackney and Bristol (you know who you are) and even those close return to work and our schedules no longer pair up. I am going to be business like in arranging ‘meetings’ because there really is no other joy like spending even an hour with one of your best friends in the world, talking serious or nonsense, laughing, hugging, reminiscing, putting the world to rights. I think everyone needs that time.

And lastly being happy in work. A little tricker as I think I really need to work out where I would like to be this time next year. Perhaps thats a whole other post. But I know the thing that makes me the happiest with my blog is getting messages from people who follow my stories and read my Instagram posts. When I know I have made someone laugh or helped them find the perfect patent boot, cheered them up when they’re having a grey day or just helped them realise they’re not alone in this crazy motherhood journey.

I hope maybe this will help you think about what you want to achieve from the next year. Just breaking it down into areas and what you could do to get yourself there.

I’d love to hear what you’re planning and how you’re planning it.

Thank you so much for reading,







Whilst my first passion with style might be sartorial my second obsession comes in the form of dressing my home up. And now with a whole new home to dress I am searching high and low for beautiful pieces to fill it with.

There’s one online destination I have bought so many things for myself on – jewellery, accessories, vintage finds. But I had never delved into the Home & Living tabs. What a mistake! Think of any trend you’re currently obsessing over for the home and pinning like mad about – they have it.  And at every budget. Hundreds, actually thousands of artists, designers and curators to buy beautiful, sometimes one off, always unique, pieces from – all within an online marketplace where craftsmanship is key.


Etsy Home & Living Picks 

Anyone that has followed my Instagram for a while would have seen the gold sputnik ceiling light I had in the old cottage. I found it at a DIY store in stainless steel and spray painted it myself after spending hours online trying to find a gold one that was affordable and available in the UK. Over time the spray paint has peeled and dulled and although I have brought them with me to the house I thought it was time for an upgrade and get the real deal, all gorgeous gleaming beautiful spikes of it, hanging in the new lounge. I found a company based in the UK (Cheltenham) that makes the most stunning hand crafted mid-century modern and contemporary lighting. Literally fell in love with every single design. And the way Etsy is set up you can message with the shop directly and ask any questions, get help with your decision and ask advice before ordering. The shop owner Eve was incredible at guiding me on what finish I was wanted, fittings, delivery etc. It was like having your own personal shopper. The day the light arrived I messaged my excitement to Eve and can’t wait to show her what her design looks like in my home. Its all so personal and the experience makes each piece all the more special as you know exactly where its come from, who made it and where. Call me sentimental but that means something to me.

Eves shop is called InScapesDesign and I cannot recommend her enough. Totally and utterly in love with my new light.

The Trends I’m Currently Coveting

The Wall Sconce

The Vintage Rug

The Oversized Wall Art

The Decorative Crystals

The Art Deco Coffee Table

My new home is a long term ‘project’…. read… needs a lot of work and we need to save some pennies to do said work… but in the meantime I’ll keep staring at my new light, pinning away the trends and coming back to Etsy to find what I need.

Ashley x

This post was created in collaboration with Etsy – all photography and opinions are my own.


Towards the end of last year I had bought myself a faux suede jacket from Zara. I totally loved it. But I couldn’t get over the fact it wasn’t real suede and it bugged me. So back it went leaving a suede jacket hole in my wardrobe. Then the Mango sale delivered – a beautiful, super soft camel suede leather biker. And all was well.

The said jacket is now back at Mango (link in my shop) but its quite pricey at over £100. So if you want to test the suede biker water before taking the plunge I have linked some really beautiful faux versions below for you. And a few gorgeous forever versions for good measure.

When it comes to styling it couldn’t be easier. Just like a classic black leather biker you can throw this on with anything. The softer texture is incredibly flattering and you’ll probably find you wear it right into the Summer months, scrunching it up in your handbag or under the buggy when it heats up. And the beauty is like the leather biker it just gets better with age and battering. (Worth using a protection spray if little hands/mouths might get close though). Check the gorgeous ladies below for all the stylish styling inspo you could need….


Back in January my husband treated me to a beautiful gold signet ring for my birthday. I have yet to have it engraved as I wanted to save it and have both Viviennes and Margots initials entwined together on it. So it’ll be heading back to the jewellers shortly for the grand engraving as well as final fitting to make sure it fits perfectly as even in January at seven months pregnant my fingers were a little on the portly.

I don’t know if I was subconsciously swayed into buying a signet ring having seen them across social media but recently I have been seeing them everywhere, and I love it. No longer the choice of the pinky-set these rings look seriously cool adorning any finger. With their androgynous style they actually work amazingly with more delicate rings and set-off a brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring perfectly.

As well as the beautiful design from my husband which is solid gold I’ve since treated myself to another signet ring – this ones gold plated from Posh Totty (one of my favourites- find it here) and I have linked it below along with a few other designs – some from just £12.