The next little ‘weird weather’ styling tip is probably something you already have in your wardrobe – the bandana scarf. Silk, cotton, satin, linen it really doesn’t matter but a good size so you can tie it around your neck comfortably and have extra fabric for chillier days. The smallest piece can really make a difference, when the layers have been shed having a little added warmth on your neck is heaven. And it looks good too!

So how do you tie it?

The Desperado/Outlaw: Fold the scarf or bandana into a triangle. Wrap around the neck and double knot in the back

The Choker: Fold the scarf or bandana into a triangle and continue folding until it forms one long strand. Wrap tightly around the neck (forward to back), then wrap around again and tie a tight double knot in the front.

The Necklace: Roll scarf or bandana to preferred width. Tie loosely around neck (back to front), then knot in the front to finish.

The Audrey: Roll scarf or bandana to preferred width. Wrap loosely around neck (back to front), then double knot tails.

And when you’re all warmed up just tie it around your ponytail or bun for an effortless chic hairstyle….


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In the second of the ‘weird weather’ style posts I wanted to focus on layers. Just like your mum probably told you – layers keep you warm – when are mums ever wrong?!

How to do it stylishly… with different textures and colours. Make it obvious how many layers you’re wearing otherwise you’re at risk of looking a bit michelin man chic.

And the perfect wardrobe icon to make it work – the humble denim jacket. The fresh pop of denim under your coat, blazer or knit works perfectly.

I recently got the Levis original trucker jacket and love it so much. The perfect fit and its nice and soft which you need to layer – anything too stiff and it gets uncomfortable. I’ve been wearing it under an oversized blazer, my favourite look, playing with the opposites of a tailored piece vs the scruffy denim.

Go for something lightweight underneath. A t-shirt or a light knit is perfect, remembering to keep the colours different to show off those layers. And pop the cuffs of the denim jacket out the bottom of your top layer too. Fancy a popped collar – the denim jacket’s great for that too.

I’ve linked some of my favourite denim jackets here and popped some more stylish ladies below for your inspiration….



As the snow thaws our thoughts can’t help turn to Spring and all that it brings with it. Promises of longer days, leaving the house without five layers, gloves and a hat… new Spring trends we can start experimenting with and skirts, dresses, shoes without socks! Ok I might be getting carried away it was just 7 degrees celsius today. We are definitely entering ‘weird weather’ territory and it can be tricky to dress for. So I wanted to share my top styling tips for this transitional season… number 1… loafers… with socks!

This is not for everyone, and whoah it is so out of my comfort zone – BUT – my message has always been wear what makes you happy. When people say ‘oh I am not cool enough to wear that’ or ‘I can’t pull that off’ …stop, it makes me sad (and roll my eyes)! You can wear anything you want, you can pull off anything you want.

If you like it – wear it. If you don’t – don’t wear it.

If you don’t have a pair of loafers then you need some! So here is a little edit you can shop. These bad boys will see you through from early Spring to Autumn. Hell – even Winter if you’re brave and up the chunky factor on the socks. i have the Gucci Jordaan Horsebit loafers and they are probably my favourite investment buy. If you like those but don’t want to spend that much money the &OtherStories versions this season are incredible.


&OtherStories Dupes

Classic loafers

Coloured loafers


Now for the socks… I am pretty boring when it comes to socks, I like to keep them a neutral. Woollen textures look great but a good classic cotton black white or grey pair is perfect.

And how to style them… the world is your oyster. But here are some seriously stylish women doing just that. I love how Leandra Medine wears the socks with a little dress in warmer months and Pernille Teisbaek with the big chunky mens suit trousers. It’s a sort of anti-trend that’s almost a bit ‘I don’t care’. Soak up the inspo and have a play with your own. Dresses, maxi skirts, mini skirts, slouchy jeans, skinny jeans. No rules just have fun.

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I am so pleased to finally tell you about my partnership with the incredible, empowering brand that is Avon. I did a little sneak peak into my shoot on Instagram at the end of last year. It was the most incredible day, the first time I have ever shot professionally at a location house like that before. The full team – hair makeup, photographer, videographer, stylists, production, art directors. I was so SO nervous, my stomach was in knots, I have been blogging for a few years now and new opportunities arise all the time that I have to pinch myself for, and working with such an empowering brand like Avon was just a dream, a real ‘pinch me’ moment. As for nerves – I shouldn’t have been. It was so much fun and such an incredible team. Of course what else would you expect from a brand thats championed women since 1886!!!! Thats a pretty incredible heritage isn’t it?

For those that have followed my blog since the beginning you’ll know how much I love Avon, their Red 2000 lip has graced many a picture since I started my Instagram and resulted in a good few hundred DM’s asking where its from. So when they told me they’re launching a fashion range I was all ears. Think stylish, simple, on trend pieces you can dress up or down, that are perfect for all shapes, sizes and ages. And very importantly – affordable.

So without further ado… here are my hero pieces from the collection.


The COVETED ripped jeans £30.



The COVETED Allana longline necklace £12



The COVETED Allana drop earrings £8



The COVETED jacket £39.95



The COVETED blouse £20


Just a quick note on the prices so you’re not caught out – they are all correct as I post but they’re on a launch offer so will go back to their regular prices soon. Shop the whole collection with the link here –


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This post was created in collaboration with Avon but all opinions and images are my own.









Ever since I laid eyes on that &OtherStories silky pink kaftan I have become obsessed with embroidery. The delicate art of decorating clothing with colourful designs of flowers, birds and beasts. I am like a magpie to it in the shops, I have to head straight to it and stroke it like I have a crazed embroidery fetish. I tried to hold the obsession in as I’m normally much more minimalist. Black, white, denim, gold and maybe a smudge of red. But the embroidery love is too much I have to embrace it… this Spring Summer I am welcoming the rainbow in with these beautiful embroidered artworks.

I’ve rounded up my edit of the highstreet pieces here – everything from jeans (surprised myself with this one) to lingerie, bikinis and stunning dresses.

Get your inspiration below and then enjoy the shopping…