Shopping in Oasis always takes me back to being about sixteen and saving up to buy a bright pink pair of trousers with a diamante belt buckle on the hip… they were bootcut and I wore them to the local pub with a sky-high pair of black and white zebra print pony-hair boots I had bought from Selfridges in London and were also my pride and joy. Actually they’d be amazing now, shame I didn’t keep those! But wow – I must have looked horrific, and totally overdressed… I felt good though! And after all isn’t that what fashion is for – making you feel good.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I still shop there, but more recently for classics such as my favourite soft leather biker jacket. The quality is usually very good, and they do a breton top so well. Having popped into a store recently there were a few new pieces that caught my eye and I’ve been keen to share. The scalloped hem on this pleather skirt is so feminine and would look great now and through to Summer with bare legs and converse. I love the detail on the breton top here and the floral dress would look amazing with a biker and boots throughout Spring. The jumpsuit is on my wishlist for Spring, I’d wear with trainers for day and heels for the evening. And I love the simplicity of the white jumper, so chic.

Let me know if you buy anything – and if anyone else ever had those pink diamante buckle trousers I’d love to know!




Second instalment in the new SS17 drops and todays edit is via Zara’s little sister Stradivarius.

I have the breton top and LOVE it. So easy to wear, even with bump, and can’t wait to wear it with my Levi’s post-baby. The lace-up jeans are gorgeous, I have two pairs (Mango and H&M) that I bought early last year – another style I can’t wait to wear again. I’ve included a few other tops with some beautiful detailing. The ruched sleeve details, back bow detail and gathering around the bust make the most simple style interesting and update an otherwise simple look of jeans and top. And the prices – not a single piece over £30. Love it!



Ashley x


London Fashion Week Festival (formerly London Fashion Weekend) will take place from the 23-26 February 2017. This season they have moved venues – along with London Fashion Week – to The Store Studios, 180 Strand WC2R, and this is the only event that gives you unparalleled access to the fashion industry. You can experience the best of British and international fashion including a showcase of designer and trend catwalk shows, industry talks and most importantly, designer shopping at industry insider prices.
I have teamed up with the event runners to give you an exclusive 30% off Thursday and Friday morning tickets, and 20% off all other sessions including Saturday and Sunday. Not valid on LUXE or Luxe Premium. You just need to use the code AMOTHERSEDIT at the checkout.

Ok this is certainly nothing new – another ‘lusting after the Gucci belt’ blog post… but it is just so pretty. I cannot imagine any outfit that the Gucci belt wouldn’t go with. Wearing battered jeans and an old t-shirt scraped off the floor from the weekend? No problem – add a Gucci belt and voila – perfection. It’s an investment piece thats for sure – I don’t think I have ever spent more than about thirty pounds on a belt. But its an investment piece that elevates every outfit. Something you can wear everyday if you so wish. Day to evening. School-run to party time.

I have pulled out some of my ultimate inspo images here. I just love how these ladies pair it with the most simple of pieces. Wearing over the blazer to nip in your waist is just genius. And in the Summer with a super-casual denim skirt or cut-offs. This is an investment that will take you from season to season too.

Getting to the nitty-gritty… the belt comes in several GG sizes. The smallest being £220 and going right up to two giant ‘G’s at the sum of £640. You can even add pearls to take it up to £795. Personally I am lusting after a simple gold double G. And it’s no secret to my husband that I am hopeful for a Gucci shaped ‘push present’ which I have told him even if I do have a c-section I think I still deserve. Nine months of heart-burn and getting out of breath just walking to the loo (which coincidentally happens about every fifteen minutes right now).

For those of you who are far too sensible to spend this much on a belt – I have linked some beautiful statement belts at the end of the post… right under the links to the GG belts for anyone tempted.

Meanwhile I will keep reminding my husband that a push present is most definitely not just another American fad that’s made its way over to the UK…..

Ashley xx




This pregnancy really is flying by – I am now 33 weeks pregnant and on the home stretch. As I mentioned on Instagram I have been having a few extra scans as the 20 week scan showed a low lying placenta. At 32 weeks it was still low so I have now been scheduled in to see a specialist at 36 weeks and they will make the final call on whether I can safely give birth to the baby or if I need to booked in for a c-section. In all honesty I really do not mind which way she comes… both ways have their benefits and negatives. I was looking forward to an easier natural birth as people say it usually is the second time around, and I now I know what to expect during and after I felt prepared. But I also like the idea of knowing exactly when she is coming if we did have a c-section and I can plan accordingly with Vivienne in mind. But the recovery time and not being able to carry Vivienne worries me. What will be will be, I am pretty relaxed either way. And excited!

Week 33

Maternity clothes: Still living in my H&M jeans and spending more time in my maternity leggings especially around the house

Stretch marks: Not yet – fingers still firmly crossed and cream being used whenever I remember

Have you started to show yet: Pretty sure I get bigger every day now – I’ve read I should be putting on one pound a week – definitely putting on more!

Sleep: 8 hours

Labor signs: Nope

What maternity item can’t you be without: At the moment its got to be the Burts Bees Mama Bee cream for my bump

Underwired or non wired: Still wearing my normal bras with underwire – have looked at a few nursing bras and will make the swap in the next week or so

Any lifesavers: Gaviscon – still. every. single. day.

Belly button in or out: Popped!

Wedding rings on or off: On

Miss anything: Exercise right now – really missing being able to run, even just down the street after Vivienne

Movement: Wriggling a lot – smaller movements

Food cravings: Cheese with Branston pickle

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still the hunger pains – it comes on instantly and if I don’t eat I feel like I am going to be sick

Gender: Baby girl

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy – but still prone to tears

Looking forward to:  I keep thinking of being able to hold her for the first time – gives me butterflies

Shop my ASOS maternity edit

Ashley x