Every August I like to buy my Winter coat, and every February I like to buy a pair of slides. Partly as a nod one season ending and looking forward to the next. But mainly as I find the best pieces are always sold out before the season really starts – take my giant teddy coat I wore last Winter from H&M and they were going for three times the amount of money on eBay in the end.

So this season I bought the ‘premium collection’ leather strappy sandals from H&M super early. I missed out on them last year when Emma Hill (EJ STYLE) posted about them early 2017. I also bought some gorgeous and super cheap satin bow slides from Primark and they’re ready and waiting to be worn.

So for those who have been a little more restrained and are yet to buy any new Summer sandals I have pulled together an edit of my absolute favourite designs on the highstreet right now…. I want to wear every pair… hope you like them.

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That bank holiday weekend was just blissful. Three days of sunshine, a little glimmer into the Summer we will (hopefully) have ahead of us all. Running out the door with nothing more than a little sun-dress on and sandals. Heaven!

It did take me by surprise though. All my Summer clothes are rammed under my bed in storage, smelling slightly musty and in need of a wash and press. Saturday saw me frantically pulling at things from bags in search of my Levis mini skirt to pair with a vest. Sandals I was sorted for – been buying them since January – I always panic my favourite designs will sell out before Summer comes round. I’m the same with buying Winter coats in August!

So with the Levis mini and recent spaghetti strap vests from Mango and Topshop I was sorted for the weekend but I was longing for some Summer dresses. Today I bought the blue Topshop wrap dress. I love the length – means I can wear it the park with slides just as easily as a Summer garden party with sandals…. and just LOVE the flattering sleeves on it. Then I pulled together this blog and what do you know – I have more on order. This blogging is bad for the bank balance.

There’s a huge linen trend this year, the button up dresses are everywhere and at every budget. Just be careful of the thickness – too thick and you’re a hot mess, too light and the world can see your pants. I have some I wear a little slip under which I don’t mind – M&S has great skin coloured slips (skirts and dresses) that come in different lengths too.

I am still a huge fan of ditsy florals, wrap styles and little teeny straps. Anything thats super feminine screams Summer to me. I love the little pink gingham dress below, and the Stradivarius maxi in yellow is winging its way to me right now. And the Mango creamy dresses winking at me – those sleeve ruffles are gorgeous!

Enjoy and thank you as always for reading…

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Firstly I need to say this is by no means sponsored, I have never even received a gift 
from Levis - I just love them!


One of my most asked questions on Instagram is ‘what jeans are you wearing’ and usually, probably 99% of the time, it is my Levis 501 skinnies. I have them in black and blue and wear on repeat. I do also have some vintage pairs I snapped up in Urban Outfitters which have a wider leg and wear these for a more scruffy look.

Why do I love them so? They hold in my mum-tum, they show off my derriere and because of the quality of the denim they last. I remember back at school my best friend and I always complaining about our jeans getting knees in them – we would throw in the tumble dryer before a night-out to snap them back into shape (anyone else do that?!). It takes a very long time for that to happen to 501s. You’ll be washing them anyway before it gets to that point.

So here’s a few snaps of how I like to style mine. Followed by my edit of the different styles and shades and of course a plethora of inspiration for your viewing pleasure.

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The next little ‘weird weather’ styling tip is probably something you already have in your wardrobe – the bandana scarf. Silk, cotton, satin, linen it really doesn’t matter but a good size so you can tie it around your neck comfortably and have extra fabric for chillier days. The smallest piece can really make a difference, when the layers have been shed having a little added warmth on your neck is heaven. And it looks good too!

So how do you tie it?

The Desperado/Outlaw: Fold the scarf or bandana into a triangle. Wrap around the neck and double knot in the back

The Choker: Fold the scarf or bandana into a triangle and continue folding until it forms one long strand. Wrap tightly around the neck (forward to back), then wrap around again and tie a tight double knot in the front.

The Necklace: Roll scarf or bandana to preferred width. Tie loosely around neck (back to front), then knot in the front to finish.

The Audrey: Roll scarf or bandana to preferred width. Wrap loosely around neck (back to front), then double knot tails.

And when you’re all warmed up just tie it around your ponytail or bun for an effortless chic hairstyle….


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In the second of the ‘weird weather’ style posts I wanted to focus on layers. Just like your mum probably told you – layers keep you warm – when are mums ever wrong?!

How to do it stylishly… with different textures and colours. Make it obvious how many layers you’re wearing otherwise you’re at risk of looking a bit michelin man chic.

And the perfect wardrobe icon to make it work – the humble denim jacket. The fresh pop of denim under your coat, blazer or knit works perfectly.

I recently got the Levis original trucker jacket and love it so much. The perfect fit and its nice and soft which you need to layer – anything too stiff and it gets uncomfortable. I’ve been wearing it under an oversized blazer, my favourite look, playing with the opposites of a tailored piece vs the scruffy denim.

Go for something lightweight underneath. A t-shirt or a light knit is perfect, remembering to keep the colours different to show off those layers. And pop the cuffs of the denim jacket out the bottom of your top layer too. Fancy a popped collar – the denim jacket’s great for that too.

I’ve linked some of my favourite denim jackets here and popped some more stylish ladies below for your inspiration….