Denim in pretty much any form is always my go-to. You don’t need to iron it for one so living on my floor-drobe is not a problem… but its also just easy. Its classic, not trying to hard, style. In the Summer its always been my denim shorts and my Levis reconstructed vintage blue mini. This Summer I bought myself a little white denim skirt and I am so glad I did – I’ve worn it so much. With shirts, vests, t-shirts, heels, trainers, slides.

Before I started wearing it the thought of a white denim mini just gives me flash backs to Britney Spears circa 2001. But its been modernised for the now… there’s something a little more smart about it – something that feels a bit more pulled together compared the casual feel of classic blue denim. It’s great with a Summer glow, and will work Spring, Summer and Autumn with the styling tips below. If you own one pull it out… if you don’t – my edit is below.

5 ways…

With an unbuttoned shirt. (Time to show off that tan).

With a blazer and flats. (Ignore the fact these are blue denim – you get the idea).

With a chunky knit. (Perfect for chillier Spring and Autumn days).

With a white tee. (Absolute classic look – oversized or fitted).


Keep it neutral. (Including your accessories… and add lashings of gold jewellery).



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I love falling in love with a new brand at I have just fallen in love with a French brand with boutiques in Paris, New York and LA…. (Please open in London). It’s not a new brand (launched in the UK back in 2015) and you’ve probably seen it everywhere already (huge Instagram following)…. but when I saw the swimwear and the beautiful chic lingerie I had to share it with you.

And the brands name – Sezane.

Just look at these pieces. I want to wear every single bikini and swimsuit and spend my life in those bras.

I’ve linked all of my favourite pieces from the collections below. Actually obsessed!



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The one trend I am obsessing over at the moment – shirring. I hadn’t even heard of the word a week ago. I have a few pieces with the detailing and have always loved it and suddenly kept seeing it across bikinis and dresses and across the tops of trousers and skirts. Its so delicate and feminine with a real youthful edge that just takes me back to childhood clothes.

I have pulled together an edit of some of my favourite pieces on the highstreet now… I’ve just ordered the rose ruffled skirt and the white beach dress ready for our family holiday. Hope you enjoy…x

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After my little insta-poll the Zara edit definitely had the most unanimous ‘yes’. This was a dangerous exercise for me – I quite literally want to put each and every piece I have chosen into that virtual basket. So without further ado – here is my ‘if money were no object and I had a bigger wardrobe space’ edit of Zara right now. I have popped the links below each image for you. Enjoy.

And please let me know if there’s anything else specific you’d love for me to write about/edit in the comments below.

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White leather mules 

Beaded mini tote bag

Sequined ruffle skirt

Gold sandals 

Gold cage sandals 

White ruffle top

Snakeskin tunic 

Wooden handle tote

Linen dress 

Oval sunglasses 

Sateen dress

Sandy linen dress 

White and black top 

Pink blouse 

Green bag 

White dress 


The little black dress – always the go-to outfit for those evenings you just don’t know what to wear and guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself. We all have one (I think..?) and the little black one-piece can do the same. A classic swimsuit that looks chic, simple and is universally flattering. No thought needed, just throw on with any shoes, any towel, any accessories. Everything goes with black. The simplicity of it gives it the nonchalant vibes.

I’ve linked some great budget one-pieces from just £15 below the inspo shots here… enjoy and thank you for reading.