Before becoming a mum I wore heels all the time, at work, shopping, meeting friends… and whilst I still always wear my trusty sky scrapers for a night out I find the day is so much easier in a comfortable pair of flats. And it doesn’t get much more comfortable than trainers! So how to still keep your style whilst wearing trainers – wear stylish trainers.

There are so many on the highstreet at the moment, from sports brand favourites such as Nike and Addidas, to highstreet faves Zara and Topshop. And some of the highstreet shops like &OtherStories will handpick exclusive designs by Nike etc and stock them alongside their own designs. What ever your usual style there is a trainer to match!

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If you have never heard of Jerome Dreyfuss you are in for a treat! His beautiful designs have been popping up all over my IG feed and I have fallen in love with these pieces. They are bohemian luxury… high end with a price tag to match but made from the most beautiful materials, soft suede, crafted leathers, calf hair, and in a spectrum on muted boho colours and exotic animal inspired textures that leave you needing to wear them!!! There are mens and womens bags, shoes and accessories. Right now it is the bags I am coveting, especially anything in the leopard pony calfskin… of course.

Here are my picks from the collection all available now (Valentines gift perhaps?!) and I have included some of my favourite IG ladies below and how they wear theirs…

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This week I finally purchased one of my dream beauty buys – the Mason Pearson hairbrush. It has literally been on the ‘Christmas List’ for years, and this year my dear mother decided to gift me some money so I could buy one myself. I think she felt it was far too much to spend on a brush so couldn’t quite do it herself, she made some excuse and handed over the cash…. and yes it is very expensive for a hairbrush… do I think its worth it? Hard to tell really. It does make brushing your hair feel like such a luxury though. And I have a lot of hair so I have to brush it regularly. It also looks very pretty on the dressing table. I went for nylon and natural bristle, the website has a clever little tool that lets you put all your hair details in and then up pops their recommendations. I also went for the largest, far quicker brush-time with this mane.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.34.41Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.34.50

If you buy one online here they are offering 25% off until Monday!

Mason Pearson hairbrush

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.34.08

Second on (what I am now calling) the list of guilt… a very reasonable H&M cardigan. This is from the H&M basic collection and cost £14.99. Anyone that has read past posts and followed my IG will know I am obsessed with leopard print so when I spotted this simple cardigan on route to the changing room I had to make a quick pit-stop and grab my size. I am afraid I have searched online and they don’t have it but if you head to the Basic range in your closest store hopefully it will be in stock. I have also included an alternative here that is gorgeous and this amazing cardigan I didn’t even see in store but am now coveting!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.43.35Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.43.48

So I left everything else in the changing room and came home with just this feeling smug that I hadn’t spent too much money.


My husband and I had discussed Valentines and to be honest we don’t really buy into it, I think after Christmas and then my birthday is in January, February we are done with gifts and trying to keep those purse strings closed. But after a bit of a rough few months health wise in our family he thought I deserved a treat and within seconds (of course) I knew what I wanted… a simple gold bangle. And today I found the perfect one! In a little local jewellers. It is beautiful and I will make sure I post it on IG next week… if I am allowed to wear it pre-Valentines…eeek.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.43.16

And there it is… the list of guilt.

Did you buy anything new this week? Any finds you want to share?

Thank you for reading…