The bag that’s taking over Instagram right now – a small humble string bucket bag. With a less than humble price tag. At £310 or more this little beauty requires investment. There’s no doubt (in my mind) its gorgeous, the detail, the quality, the concept. But when your money is otherwise engaged… thank goodness for the Great British Highstreet. And helloooo there Mango.

I saw this online and of course the likeness made me flirt with ‘add to bag’ button… I was unsure for a few days… not really being a fan of such ‘inspired by’ designs. But then I caved. And when it arrived I knew I had made the right decision. Its a beauty. Vivienne instantly declared it hers. I have since reclaimed it and removed the plastic food.

It may only be February and I don’t want to send the Summer rush shivers up your spine but don’t forget – the good buys are gone long before Summer arrives. If you like it – buy it and start a little Spring Summer collection box ready to start wearing when the warmer weather arrives.

Meanwhile I’ll be taking this beauty out tomorrow. My mother always did tell me – if you always save for best (or Summer in this case) you’ll never wear it Ashley.


p.s. the usual style inspo is below….




Ok this Girl Crush Tuesday it is all about the woman that pushed me to get the fringe chop. True I don’t wear it down all the time, (its hard work styling it and my hair has a touch of the monica-abroad about it most of the time) BUT I just love the look when I do make the effort. And if there is anyone in the world that rocks a fringe better than this girl – please point me in their direction.

I warn you that if you are on the edge and considering a fringe this might be your push… be prepared. And if you’re not in the market for a fringe – hope you can just enjoy soaking up the inspiration.

Introducing the uber stylish Julia Stegner.

Remember the Chloe campaign with the two girls walking around Paris all seventies boho chic? That was Julia back in 2015. In fact I am pretty sure she’s been in more than one of the Chloe campaigns. She is a Chloe girl through and through. Yes she is a model so of course she’s going to be genetically blessed (I had to remind myself of this when I read we were the same age – eeeeek!) but its the casual way she wears her beauty. I love the natural wave of her hair, the grown out fringe, casual mum-style, splattering of freckles and the no-makeup makeup look. She is well and truly in my locker of style inspo.


Thank you so much for reading…




The sun had its hat on today in London – cannot tell you how happy that made me. And also meant I got to wear my new sunnies, super slim cat-eye sunglasses. I bought some last Summer from Zara in black and wore them constantly, even my trusty Celine glasses felt a bit left out. I just loved how they were a bit different. And as SS18 drips into stores there are plenty more highstreet versions now available… so I treated myself to a tortoise shell pair and I love them.

Think old hollywood glamour with a cool cali twist. You can go big with the jewellery and they still work – add a hat and it balances the look perfectly. Your plethora of inspo below and saving the best for last – my little edit of perfect cat-eye sunglasses at the end… from budget to designer…


Thanks for reading… Ax





I absolutely LOVE sharing what I buy with you guys, the latest finds on the highstreet and how I pair them with my basics. But I also love showing you older items I have, things I have had for years and still wear to death just because they’re a classic piece to my personal style.

I love nothing better than a good old Pinterest or Instagram rummage. Collecting gorgeous images of styles I gravitate towards, looks that give me all the feels and I want to emulate.

Fashion is for fun, style is your own.

There won’t be anyone else with your style. No matter how hard people might try to wear the same thing you are wearing – you’ll always have your own style. So finding your style tribe, pinpointing what fashion makes you feel good and enjoying it will give you that uniqueness. You’ll pair that look with your very own je nais se quoi.

And the girls I gravitate towards – they’re my GCT – my Girl Crush Tuesday.

Tonights lovely lady… she has SHOT to Instagram famedom in the past few years – little miss Sabina Socol.


She is a natural beauty which comes with confidence in her own skin.

She is not a size zero, she has curves and boy does she flaunt them sometimes.

She has an incredible Parisian apartment.

She will happily post an instagram shot with her washing hanging on the dryer in the background.

She works hard.

She has her own style.

In her own words…

‘I was born in Romania in 1988, under the Ceaucescu regime. My parents came to France immediately after the revolution, so I grew up there and I often joke that I am a “fake Romanian.” I studied journalism and communications, during which I became involved with women’s magazine and media, particularly for the web. After a period working as a Social Editor for a major fashion magazine, I decided to quit my job to become a freelancer. I now run two blogs in the US (Who What Wear and Into The Gloss) and I work alongside brands that I love to support digital campaigns. When I first arrived in Paris, I spent six years living in the 18th arrondissement, in Lamarck. I loved the neighbourhood but over time I lost patience with the commute. Most of my life (business and personal) tended to be in the Marais, the 10th and 11th districts. I firstly moved to live on my own in a small apartment near Le Perchoir restaurant off rue Oberkampf then, when I met my boyfriend, we focused our search on the same neighbourhood, and the Square Gardette in particular, because most of my close friends lived within 500 metres. In Paris, that’s priceless’.

And in all her stylish glory…





Whenever I am unsure about what to wear you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar I’ll grab a striped shirt. Paired with my trusty 501s, or a little skirt for the evening. For me its the perfect piece that makes you look smart but also not having tried ‘too much’. The ‘grabbed your mans shirt and flung it on’ sort of vibe. When I have a little more confidence the buttons edge lower for a little glimpse of something lacy underneath. That simple masculine/feminine rule.

If you don’t already have a striped shirt in your wardrobe – its time to get one. Such an easy thing to throw on without a moments thought. Try a few shapes on to see what you prefer – boyfriend, fitted, oversized. I love an oversized fit… tucked into something tight on the waist.

Five style tips for your striped shirt

  1. Tuck. Whether its back and front or just the front always tuck it into your bottom half to show off your waist.
  2. Pair with denim for a smarter relaxed look.
  3. Throw on over your leather/pleather leggings with a big oversized style shirt.
  4. Wear open and loose with a mini skirt in the evenings.
  5. Add feminine accessories like simple gold jewellery and a delicate handbag to play with your opposites.

Shop my edit here and below is a healthy dollop of style inspo for your viewing pleasure…