With this baby still showing no signs of her arrival I have been advised by numerous people to get walking. So off to the shops I went. Surely walking a mall is as good as a park? And there in Topshop I spotted a beautiful soft pink silky tea dress. The perfect combination of feminine and modernity. Cute little puff sleeves, a flirty length and fabric that glides across the skin as you move.

The tea dress has been a sell-out piece for years at Topshop, ever since their success with the first Kate Moss collection, and each and every season they bring out a few different fabric designs. This pink beauty will look stunning in the Summer with black gladiator sandals or chunky ankle boots. Add a leather biker and you’re good to go.

If you prefer your tea dresses a little longer they also do the same design in a stunning blue shade which is a midi-length and very similar to the red polka dot dress I bought a few months back and linked on the shop.

And below is my latest Topshop Edit for you to shop, all the pieces I want to own, and some which I may still have to shop…



If you buy one jacket this Spring make it a ‘Shacket’…. and a military one at that. The universally flattering khaki material looks great dressed up and down and can be worn layered and singular – weather dependent. You can belt it, tuck it, wear it loose, tie it up or tie it around your waist. It gives instant nonchalant cool and will stand the test of time as a classic in your wardrobe not just this season but into Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Styling Tips

  1. Don’t buy it too tight or it’ll only ever be a shirt never a shirt-jacket. If you prefer showing your figure off then opt for one of the designs with a pull-string waist.
  2. Check that it’s comfortable and soft enough moving your arms around in – too hard and it’ll always look rigid and ‘new’…. the worn in look is the best look.
  3. Wear it open at the neck with a Spring t-shirt or casual shirt underneath and then loosely tuck it into the top of your trousers.
  4. Wear it as a jacket with an evening look to give a casual care-free ‘I haven’t tried too hard’ feel to your outfit.
  5. Add a belt – statement or super simple leather skinny – with some jeans to create a beautiful silhouette.
  6. Keep playing with your opposites – if you’re wearing it in a masculine way then opt for some girly accessories or hair down. Feminine styling – add aviators and biker boots no problem.
Shop my edit at the bottom… and for some stylish inspiration these ladies show you how its done. From Anine Bing cool to festival boho embellished design.


This is probably my favourite edit so far – I literally want every single one of these pieces especially the amazing shoes! I think I had forgotten how good River Island can be – sometimes I feel a little bit too old when I pop into the store but individually there are some great all-age designs that have a ‘British’ edge, are good quality and a bit different from the usual pieces by our Spanish friends over at Zara and Mango.



I wasn’t too sure when to do a Mango round-up as their drops come in thick and fast for months in the lead-up to Spring. But keeping an eye on the site there are definitely enough gems you need to know about now available to buy… and my favourites…

The denim midi-skirt. Perfect to wear now and right through to the hottest Summers day. Dress up and down, tuck in a loose tee and throw a jumper around your waist. Love the detailing!

The pinafore dress. This is seriously cute, would look amazing with a band tee and heels at night, or converse and a cap in the day. The detail on the straps is that girly froufrou I just LOVE.

Leopard print courts. Need I say more?

Chain detail slides. Seems early to buy slides but Mango’s best sandals always sell-out fast. The amount of times I have fallen in love with a pair on IG in May to find they sold out everywhere in March… sad times.

That single gold earring. Statement jewellery at its best – and cheapest!

Ashley x



At eight months pregnant this is one look I can’t experiment with right now and is probably one of the reasons why I am totally obsessing over it.

Oh how I lived in my Levis denim mini last Summer – right through to the end, wearing it higher and higher on my waist as the bump slowly grew below. I can’t wait to squeeze back into it this Spring. But as I wander around the shops now and look at all the SS17 drops – one item keeps popping up in many guises – the mini skirt. Pleather, vinyl, denim, cord, velvet, satin… embellished, distressed and detailed. There are so many gorgeous designs around right now.

As I hold the skirts up to admire them in the shop the question of age appropriate-ness does rear its ugly head. At 33 am I too old to wear these? Is there ever a ‘too-old’ for age?

I think like anything with fashion the same rule applies – if you like it wear it. If it makes you feel good wear it. If you put it on and feel a fool knowing you’ll be tugging it on it all day long and worrying you look like a wannabe teenager then put it down and step away. But if you put it on and feel awesome in it then its meant to be.

If you’re on the fence you can try a few clever styling tricks…

10 Styling Tricks

  1. Remember the rule of opposites – don’t pair your skirt with a tight top, instead opt for a casual top, a baggy jumper, classic t-shirt or a loose shirt.
  2. Play with textures – if you want your skirt to look more casual then opt for a denim, cord or knit fabric – leave the finer fabrics behind.
  3. Pair it with a longer-line cardigan to give a bit of modesty at the back. A long knit also creates that opposites effect as they’re so casual and loose.
  4. Mix leather, denim and cotton. Leather mini – denim jacket and cotton jacket. Denim skirt – leather biker and cotton t-shirt…. etc etc.
  5. Pull your hair up for a more un-done french-chic look.
  6. Be adventurous with woollen socks, hold-ups, patterned and knit tights, long-length socks and OTT boots to give you that added warmth.
  7. Keep the make-up simple and fresh – leave the lipstick at home and opt for a sheer gloss instead.
  8. Don’t buy too tight!
  9. Look in the ‘Tall’ sections for a slightly longer length version of your favourite piece – I have included some below.
  10. Pull on your trainers for a more sporty feel or go Parisian androgynous in some Gucci style loafers.



(…and take a look below for some beautiful inspo)