What is it about the way the light hits the trees in Autumn? Driving through the London parks surrounded by that amber glow just transports me to my happy place. Cashmere blankets, Dyptique candles, crisp evening walks as the sunsets creep in even earlier… and nights in that are more than welcomed. If I had to pick a favourite season it would be a close call between Summer and Autumn.








The perfect day would always be spent with family and friends. I’d hope for a reasonable wake up by miss Vivienne – perhaps 7am if I am lucky. A walk around the park collecting conkers, the excitement on her face when she spots one nestled in the grass never fails to pull on those heart strings. Maybe a stumble into a coffee shop for something warm, sitting outside with one of those itchy plaid blankets over our legs embracing the fact we look forty years our senior. We would head home, peel the layers off and get ready for some baking. The kitchen a complete mess but giving me that feeling of ‘home’I love so much, and the smell filling every room with delicious chocolate toffee autumnal goodness…. And then we would eat it all of course. Later our friends would come over for dinner, the perfect Autumn pie served, followed by more sweetness to satisfy that craving. And then we would all collapse in front of the fire with a drink, or three, to put the world to rights.

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And my new Autumn discovery I have been desperate to tell you about – Baileys Pumpkin Spice. Wow. Baileys is a drink that has always been firm favourite of mine so when I heard about a Pumpkin Spice variety they seriously had me at hello. Imagine that smooth creaminess of Baileys and then everything gorgeous about Autumn sprinkled all over it. That’s Pumpkin Spice! And no – no pumpkins are harmed in the making, nor are they used – at all. It’s a heavenly mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. If you try it – expect to get hooked and it’ll be one of those drinks that makes you wish Autumn would hurry up for just so you can have it again!



My favourite ways to have it – surprise surprise – over ice. Simple, seriously tasty and straight down to business. But added to your latte comes highly recommended as does an amazing cheese-cake recipe I found online here.




Cheers to the perfect, warm glow, inside and out, this Autumn.

Ashley x


Created in collaboration with Baileys Pumpkin Spice

Pick up your own bottle in any big supermarket and check baileys.com for the recipes 



As Sunday evening approaches I always have a sadness come over me… not a dread of going into the office, nor a hangover induced anxiety like the (good) old days… but just a realisation that yet another week, and another special weekend of family time – has passed by me. Before I had Vivienne I didn’t have the same concept of time. I would look forward to events and calendar dates but I wouldn’t be saddened by time passing. Now I am just so aware of Vivienne growing, my baby getting bigger, learning and changing every day. I am excited about everything that’s to come. But that doesn’t stop the realisation of what I have already experienced never ‘being’ again. This week I am determined, no matter how many tantrums or tears my little diva throws at me, I determined to make the most of every moment. And with this thought I have compiled my weekly does of inspiration with a ‘here and now’ theme to enjoy life… what ever you might be doing, what ever might be passing by you, and what ever is still to come.

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Growing up part of the ‘Just Do It’ generation hasn’t been a bad thing, its driven us to get what we want, to work, to have fun, to love, to party, to go for it. But rarely to just do nothing.

Anyone that follows me on Instagram may have seen I recently posted some daily affirmation cards I have received from the The Yes Mum and today’s card read ‘You don’t have to do it all’. Rather timely as I fell through the door having stayed away with friends this weekend. A three hour drive with a two year demanding this that and everything. Bags needing unpacking, house a mess from rushing off early Saturday morning, washing stacked up, a strange smell lingering from last weeks mouldy blooms, a blog post to write, new curtains to hang (black-out and praying they work for Vivienne and those 5am wake-ups)… I just wanted to leave the ‘adulting’ behind and crash on the sofa.

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