How lazy I am when it comes to ‘beauty’ is well documented on the blog but there are certain products I swear by, especially for my hair. I have a lot of hair and when I don’t use these products it’s so obvious… it’s tangled and no way near as soft.

With the amount of bleach I use conditioner is incredibly important and Aussie three minute miracle is literally a miracle for mine. Add some argan oil post towel drying and I am good to go. The less I can blow dry or use straighteners the better. But to be honest, I have found myself getting pretty bored of my hair recently – most of the time it is pulled up in a top knot. I need some new easy ideas to play around with – and in very little time. So todays Sunday inspo is a little round-up of hair inspiration… up/down – long/short – blonde/brunette… and I have linked my hair must-haves at the end of the post…















My Hair Must-Haves

Ashley xx




I am the first to admit I am lazy when it comes to beauty… I wish I could be that perfectly groomed woman with perfect nails and perfect glowing skin but if I have a free evening any good intentions of a pamper in the bath buffing and moisturising go out the window as soon as my husband hints at a takeaway and netflix (currently on the latest Narcos series – so good).

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Whether you’re stay-cationing or vacationing Summer brings with it a need for certain essentials and having just returned from the beautiful Deauville in Northern-France I thought now would be perfect time to share my absolute holiday favourites with you. Hopefully just in time for anyone about to make the most of the last few weeks in August.

Having enjoyed a sunshine break back in May, our August French break was more shopping and eating than sunbathing but I did get to have a few hours relaxing on the incredible beach there, honestly never seen such a long and wide stretch of sand before. It took ten minutes to walk the width of the beach in order to dip your toes in the sea! And with sunshine comes dried locks and sun kissed (red) skin… so in my first Summer essentials edit I wanted to share my absolute skin saviours, the makeup, the prep, the tan and all the gloss…

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Now we are mothers are we still sexy? Our bodies may have changed but we are still the same person, we have just created small humans. We still like the same things, still have feelings, desires… we still want to be desired and feel attractive. When so many people are so quick to judge, where do you feel comfortable drawing the line?

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