I am all for being beach body ready no matter what – i.e. it makes no difference if I am carrying a few extra pounds or not. I am proud of my body, what its done, what it does, its curves and its dimples. But I do like to take extra care of my skin before I hit the beach. Shed the Winter dullness. I find dieting impossible and I love carbs and red wine far too much, so body brushing, exercise, lotions and potions become my Summer prep best friends. And in this post I am going to be sharing what I have been using recently, what I love and what I will be keeping up all year round…

The Exercise

I am no fitness expert (In fact my husband often tells me I am the unhealthiest person he knows!) But I do go to the gym, if anything to make me feel less guilty about the wine and chocolate. I try and mainly do weights and body-weight exercises. I’ll warm up with a run or ten minutes on the cross trainer doing interval training. Then I will work on legs or arms alternatively. And I’ll always finish with ab work on the mats.

I also love going to classes if I can make the timings work with my work schedule and the girls. BodyPump is a new favourite – and spinning (but haven’t done that in months). And nothing beats a good swim for overall toning.

The Gadgets

Legology – I am a huge fan of this brand and have used their products for over a year now. The range was developed by award-winning beauty writer Kate Shapland to deliver a high performance solution to heavy legs and cellulite. When I remember I use the cup on the backs of my legs. Its a little strange – a vacuum cup which promotes deep drainage, circulation, skin firmness, tone and elasticity. Feels good to use though!

Elemis – I have just started using the new body toning formula with their body brush. I love doing the body brushing just before I jump in the shower. Its probably the hardest body brush I have used… at first I found it quite scratchy but now its quite relieving and feels like its really helping with my poor circulation.

The Lotions and Potions

Legology – As well as using their vacuum cup I love their formulas. They’re all designed to relieve fluid retention that makes legs puffy, tired and congested and which contributes to cellulite. I love the exfoliating salts and the daily lift which I have linked below.

SkinCeuticals – Vitamin C – do you use it? Know what it does? This serum is not cheap granted – but it delivers and you use just a few drops every day. It’s essentially an antioxidant formulation that helps to reinforce your skins natural protection against free radicals. It will improve any signs of photo-damage, the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and the loss of firmness. This is always my first step, followed by mouisturiser and then spf.

Sunday Riley – I am a fan of everything Sunday Riley does – and recently I have been using their CEO moisturiser. It’s a protect and repair formulation that as well as fighting signs of ageing it exfoliates to refine skin and provides a protective shield for your skin with something called ‘Exopolysaccharides’ – no idea what that is but I like it. And being a Vitamin C cream it sits well with my serum.

HelioCare – I am always banging on about this (sorry) but wearing spf 50 everyday is my new rule. I’ve so much sun damage (working in a sun-bed shop at university meant free sessions and I loved a tan!). This spf is favourited by beauty insiders and doesn’t cost the earth. I use the gel cream in ‘light’ but they also do ‘brown’ and I have just discovered compacts too – great for when you’re out and about in the handbag.

Elemis – The targeted body toning moisturiser, combined with daily massage is really supposed to help with reducing the appearance of cellulite so I have been using it across my arms, stomach and legs after I get out of the shower. It soaks in within an instant so I can just get dressed and out the door.

I’ve said before I am definitely more spit and polish than polished but they do say you must love the skin you’re in… and that means taking care of it.

Thank you so much for reading…



I have been promising this blog for a while now – I think I found it hard to get started as it’s quite technical in terms of the information I wanted to share. But ultimately – its a product that can help get you the glow you want.

What is it?

Micro needling, clinically referred to as ‘collagen induction therapy’, is a rejuvenating skin treatment that can be performed at home or at a clinic. A Skin Roller (aka dermaroller) repeatedly penetrates the skin creating thousands of tiny microchannels that the skin perceives as microwounds. This stimulates the body’s natural healing process; production of collagen and elastin. The result is smoother, healthier, and younger-looking skin.


Anti-ageing benefits

A dermaroller (the microneedling device) has a rolling head, equipped with hundreds of ultrafine needles that create micropunctures in the skin. The body perceives these microscopic channels as wounds, and prompts a healing process. Healing of the skin is mainly done by collagen and elastin production. And its the collagen and elastin that the skin requires to look plump, healthy and youthful. Other factors its helps with include skin texture, pigmentation, fine lines, scarring and sun damage.

What it promises:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation and give you a more even skin tone
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Allow for better absorption of your skin care products
  • Reduce scarring
  • Reduce the size of your pores
  • Treat acne and clogged pores

The skin roller I have been using is by Swiss Clinic – It is designed specifically for at-home use and the needles are made of silver-plated Japanese surgical steel. The spacing between the needles ensures that the ideal amount of serum can penetrate the skin, as well as ensuring ease and safety of use. Mine is 0.5mm and I use the gorgeous serum they also make which has five Hyaluronic Acids – essential for plumping our skin. I am very careful to make sure its cleaned properly after every use too and they have a great cleaning spray.

This is the roller and serum I use here.

My roller works on two levels:

  • Simulates stress on the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.
  • Creates micro channels to allow the skin to absorb 300% more serum than untreated skin is able to – meaning my products can work on a far deeper level – and I use less of them.

I had a few questions about the technical scientific side so approached my friend and very talented aesthetic Doctor Anna Hemming. Read our Q&A below for more details and a bit more info if you’re tempted to go professional and have a deeper treatment.


What can be offered with a clinic based method that can’t be done at home?

Clinic based micro needling using deeper derma-rollers (and anaesthetic cream), injectable products and serums added to this to maximise results, the use of intradermal injectables like the RRS brand which have 14 separate products the physician can mix and tailor to your skin needs. These are used in a 6 week course of treatment and can give some amazing results in tightening, firming, skin conditioning as well as lightening, removing stretch marks, cellulite, thickened volume under the chin.

Platelet Rich Plasma is also an excellent addition to an office Microneedling or Fractora RF treatment. Using your own plasma taken via a blood sample and spun in clinic to extract the PRP portion. It stimulates growth and collagen too and steps up the results from the needling on it’s own.

Microneedling can also be used with radiofrequency, I love the Fractora treatment which has 3 different Microneedling pin heads for the physician to select depending on target area, skin concerns and fragility. Treatment is done on anaesthetised skin and the area has multiple micro needle treatments with radio frequency stimulated inside the skin. This gives maximum tightening and skin improvements.

RADARA is a micro-channelling patch for the use around the eye area with a HA serum. This can be purchased through your local aesthetic physician too! It comes in a very neat box lasting 28 days with individual micro channelling patches for the area surrounding the eye.

What length needle should I use and what does it depend on?

The depth of the needle and other serums applied to the skin will determine the efficacy, cost and results. At home you would achieve minimal skin improvement with 0.1, 0.2, 0.3mm compared to physician Microneedling (up to 3mm). The longer the needle you can use the better, however you need to ensure your skin is very clean. I recommend Clinisept plus for skin disinfection before rolling and for sterilising the roller in between use. (Or 70% alcohol solution).

Needle length is also selected depending on the area you want to treat. For example, in clinic I would use a 1.0mm or 1.5mm for facial rejuvenation. 1.5mm for acne / scarring and rejuvenation. 2.0mm for stretch marks and 3.0mm for cellulite. At home you will have to work within your pain tolerance, the longer the needle the more painful it is. In clinic you have the benefit of topical local anaesthetic creams. Home treatment is a great way to continue to stimulate the effects created with a physician treatment. Home treatment rollers are often included in a treatment package along with a serum. Perhaps this is a really good way to start.

When should someone make the decision to go deeper and have it done professionally?

I think this is quite simple. Go to a professional when you want a deeper treatment, if you are not getting the results you want, for expert advice and a more targeted treatment with anaesthetic cream. When using Microneedling in clinic you should aim to have 2-3 treatments about 6-8 weeks apart.

What is the recovery time like?

Recovery time depends on the depth of treatment and whether RF is used. Very minimal after a home roller. Skin might be a little red, possibly a bit tight.

Clinic Microneedling with derma-roller you would expect to leave a finishing serum, PRP or other product on the skin until the next morning when you wash it off. On day 1 and 2 following treatment you would expect moderate swelling, redness, sensitivity to touch, itchiness and occasional petechiae (pin prick spots of bruising). There can be some serous fluid discharge from the needled skin and it may appear scratched. Around Day 3 the treated skin starts scabbing slightly and remains pinkish. At this point mineral makeup or colourscience products can be used on the skin. Day 4 the scabbing and redness subsides or is greatly reduced. Day 5 Treated skin heals and there is barely any evidence that the procedure has taken place. Most patients have minimal down time at about 48hrs. With minimal post treatment discomfort and minimal side effects  (vs Laser,fraxel etc).

Aftercare experienced with Radiofrequency treatments are similar. Following RF treatment your skin will be pink (like sunburn) for a couple of days. The needle pin holes can scab and crust over. There are often 7000 or so on the face and neck area. Your skin will feel tight and slightly rough. This will pass after 5 or so days. Some carry on as normal, others might feel they want to take cover for a few days. Again reduced downtime compaired with CO2 fractional laser / Fraxel etc

When the skin has recovered from the skin needling treatment AHA, retinol or other skin treatment products can be resumed as per discussion with your physician. These help to keep the skin soft smooth and help to superficially resurface the epidermis.

What are the best serums / products to use after doing an at-home session?

My skills lie in physician only treatment. Therefore I have a huge depth of knowledge about the creams and serums avalible to my patients. For home use it depends what you are trying to achieve and who you see for your skincare products.

Whatever you use I recommend you do a patch test first to check for sensitivity.


Vitamin C

Retinol cream – Tretinoin 0.5% (prescription only)

Some can sting the skin and make it feel red slightly itchy and possible flake a little.

How often should I do it at home?

This depends on the product, needle length, treatment additions and should be started gently and slowly.

Initially Derma-roller Microneedling should be used twice a week so the amount of serum penetration is controlled. You do not want to over stimulate the skin.

RADARA treatment is nightly pop the patches on both eyes for 5 mins.

Is it better at night or in the morning? 

I don’t think there is a very best time of day as everyone’s routine is totally different. Please ensure that you sanitise the roller. Most sanitising solutions state that you should not rinse the roller with water before use, as this could actually re-contaminate it. The sanitising solution should evaporate rapidly which actually has a cooling effect on the roller needles making them less painful!

A good time is when you are relaxed, perhaps in front of the TV in the evening for 20 minutes. I would not recommend doing this immediately before bed, where you put your head on your pillow where several nights worth of skin cells, bacteria etc It is best to needle your skin at least an hour before bed.

Are some materials better than others in terms of the roller and needles?

Always used a reputable manufacturer with UK accepted regulation. Not all of these products need to be CE marked.

Personally I suggest using titanium rollers, this gives the needles a finer more durable edge (less pain and less irritation vs stainless steel). Titanium does not pit or damage like stainless steel so there is no tearing of skin (which could cause scaring). Some makes use a gold-plated microneedle to maintain sterility.

Is there anything to watch out for be worried about?

There are some things to look out for. However, if you are worried about anything you should go to see your aesthetic physician. If you do not have an aesthetic doctor then visit your GP. They will be able to help you although their knowledge about aesthetic procedures may not be extensive.

You must also use sun protection during the healing period to avoid any hyperpigmentation. If you do get this – it should normally resolve in about a month.

When to stop.

Stop using the roller when you have reached your goal. If your skin gets overstimulated, you are unhappy with the effect.

Anything that works nicely alongside (products and/or treatments) to get the most impact from it

Using an anti-ageing skin program set up by your aesthetic physician would benefit any Microneedling treatment. I love Calecim serum for use immediately following RRS, Radiofrequency Fractora and micro needling treatments. Containing stem cell technology, it helps improve results and maintain them too. They also make a couple of very nice creams for everyday use.

For years I have been working with ZO skin health and have been trained by Dr Zein Obagi in Beverly Hills. The products focus on returning skin back to youth, healthy, soft, smooth, pigmentation free. Sounds good doesn’t it. I would definitely recommend the core treatment products including the cleansers which are fabulous at removing unwanted skin oils as well as make up. The scrubs exfoliate and further remove oil from the skin. The oil control pads are aptly named too – resulting in skin that is ready for product application. Oil is responsible for much of the aging effect on the skin, including spots, large pores and acne but also breaking barriers within the skin so products cannot penetrate properly.  The treatment creams vary depending on your skins needs, they include vitamin C and retinol. Finally, the hero product daily power defence and one of their amazing SPF’s are applied. Making your skin day ready and protecting it from UVA, UVB and HEV sun rays.

Zo is physician dispensed and available through a doctor or nurse prescriber on their website search area. I see patients for a skin assessment appointment before writing a personalised ZO regimen for them.

Hope this has been helpful. Thank you for reading and please do contact Anna if you’d like to know more about any of her treatments or products that can help your own skins needs.




I absolutely love being a mother to girls. I love that they have so much ahead of them, all the points in their life as a woman they’ll go through. All the things I remember so well. I love that I’ll guide them through the mishaps and heart breaks, mistakes and successes. And already I am thinking about the things I want to teach them as young women.

And with being a woman (and a man) comes looking after your body… teaching them the importance of a good skincare regime, sun protection, moisturising. And of the choices that come with it. My own first experience was locked in my family bathroom and sneakily using some awful smelling hair removal cream on my arm. Big mistake! Think I then followed it with a quick tester of another equally awful smelling fake tan. I so clearly remember having to explain the brown hairless blotch to my friends the next day at school – ‘oh yes some hair dye fell on my arm’?!!!? What was I thinking?

Well in my head – with my plans for the girls they won’t make the same mistakes. Here’s hoping right. But I want to ensure that they know they have choices and also make sure they choose the best product if they do choose to remove hair. The transition from little girls to independent young women can be difficult, but I want my girls to feel confident that they have the knowledge and the tools to figure out what works best for them, and hopefully their first foray into hair removal will be a little more successful than my own.

I have always used Venus razors and never knew they are actually the world’s number one female shaving brand, and a brand designed specifically for women. After shaving for many years, I have also begun to epilate with Braun tools – the worlds most trusted epilator brand. Both these brands expertise make me feel confident in their tools both in regards to getting the best result and their safety. For me these are the two ways I like to remove hair. The most efficient and time saving ways for me. I actually have never had a wax. Ever. Fun fact for the day.

I like speedy, at home, no harsh chemicals, and private, efficient hair removal.

Feeling good in my own skin is so important to me. And having smooth legs and under arms makes me feel good. That might not be the case for everyone, or even for my daughters as they grow up, but nevertheless I wanted my daughters to know the options they have and feel comfortable talking about hair removal.

The Venus ComfortGlide Spa Breeze is always a natural go-to product for me. It just lives in the shower and I don’t have to worry about irritation thanks to the flexible moisture bars which have a lovely rich body butter that keeps my skin feeling so silky and soft in one simple step

Venus ComfortGlide Spa Breeze is available at Boots 

Having the Braun Silk-epil 5 epilator gives me options. A longer lasting form of hair removal it means no fuss and no in-between days. You can use it in the shower or dry which more of less means you can use this anytime anywhere which is great! And actually – it is great value! It has a new beginner cap that shaves and epilates at the same time – it’s perfect for when girls first start out, getting them used to the sensation of epilation which understandably can be daunting.

Braun Silk-épil 5 is available at Amazon

I think giving our daughters choices is so important and we can help by teaching them to look after themselves by giving them the best tools. In every part of their life.

It might be a long way off until Vivienne and Margot start thinking about hair removal, and I have to admit the idea of them both growing up into little independent young ladies makes me all too aware of how quickly time passes. But with knowledge our daughters can be more confident, and for me that is so important.




This post was created in collaboration with Braun and Gillette – all images and opinions are my own.





As promised the second part of my Spring beauty edit. This blog covers all the beautiful new makeup bits I have discovered over the past few months. The makeup I have used for years and still love, and the bits that I now can’t be without.


Mac – groundwork eyeshadow

For me this is the perfect day to night eyeshadow. I dab on with my finger in the day and rub a small amount under my lower lashes for definition too. For night you can layer it up to make it as dark as you like and as smokey as you want using a soft brush. I’ve used it for years and don’t use any other eyeshadow – ever!

Shu Uemura – eyelash curlers – the best on the market.

Nars Laguna – bronzer in matt. I love a matt bronzer more than a sparkly one. I prefer to add some highlighter to my cheekbones and around my eyes if I want a subtle sheen. I use this bronzer in two ways. Either all over with a big brush to give a tanned look. Or in the hollows of my cheeks for a lazy girls contour.

Glossier – boy brow. Only discovered this last year and love it so much. I use the brown and where before I had always used pencils this gives my brows a fuller more natural look as I don’t have much to play with.

Mac Liptensity – Ginger Rose. After my search for the perfect nude (thank you for all the recommendations – still yet to try them all) I found this. Not really a nude but the perfect subtle pink for my skin. Love it. In the day I pair it with a balm to make it a bit softer as its very matt.

Laura Mercier – secret camouflage concealer. I always seem to come back to this. I try other concealers and they don’t work as well… I love how you can shade match to the different areas on your face as it has two colours inside that you mix together. Also works all year round whether you’re tanned or not as you make it as light or as dark as you need it.

Bobbi Brown pot rouge – pale pink. Another product I have used for donkeys years. I have a few colours and although the ladies on the counter usually try and steer me away from this one I just love the youthful pop a pink on the cheeks gives.

By Terry – Touche Veloutee. Ok this is a new find and I cannot be without it! It goes with me everywhere!!! Daytime touch-ups, nights out. Its fantastic – if you can get yourself down to a Space NK and try it please do. Such a clever magic stick to always have with you, makes my skin look perfect in seconds.

By Terry – Baume de Rose lip. This is ideal if you like the gloss look but need moisture which is definitely me at the moment. I love the whole range to be honest but this is heaven to have in the handbag.

Suqqu – eyebrow pencil. Another favourite I have used for years – but not for my eyebrows! I use it to draw little freckles across my face. When I met Rich aged 19 all those years ago he used to tease me for doing it – think I used a Rimmel pencil back then. But in my thirties I am still doing it just with a very clever little pen that makes them look so natural.

Eyeko – skinny liquid eyeliner. This is brand new to my makeup bag courtesy of the lovely ladies at This Is Mothership and their amazing Birchbox (sadly sold out now). So I only have a small sample size of the eyeliner but I’ll definitely be buying a big one when it finishes.

Charlotte Tilbury – Full fat lashes mascara. Used since it launched and for me nothing beats it. No other mascara can give me the same fullness, blackness and lift. Love love love!!!

Eve Lom – Kiss Mix. I’ve used this for a few years now, I actually stocked up in the SpaceNK sale when their Christmas packaged ones went down to half price in January (worth keeping an eye out for limited edition packaging being reduced post seasons). Great little lip gloss that gives a gorgeous sheen and moisturises to perfection. I love it over lipsticks too.

Heliocare – gel cream light spf 50. This is brand new for me and if you only buy one thing from my recommendations make it this. Why?

One – wearing an spf 50 now will help stop further sun damage helping your skin look better for years to come. This magic gel cream, provides essential high-level UVA|UVB protection.

Two – it provides ant-oxidant skin protection (natural Fernblock® anti-oxidant) It helps to protect your skin from harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) and to prevent photo-damage and cell damage.

Three – its has a beautiful tint that hides blemishes and dark spots so you might not want to wear a foundation on top.

Four – its is very affordable.

Five – I use it on my hands too. Protects them from the sun and makes them look better because of the tint.

(It’s also very hydrating – sold it yet?)

Nars – natural radiant longer foundation. Brand new to my makeup bag too. This foundation is not too light but doesn’t look too makeup-y if that makes sense. I like to look like I am not really wearing makeup but at the same time need to cover blemishes and old spot marks etc. I use the smallest amount in the daytime and a little more at night. My new favourite!

Jurlique – rosewater balancing mist. Not really makeup but I like to use it over the top of my makeup. I’ve had this since I went into hospital to have Margot… so its lasted a year already. The scent instantly takes me back to holding my newborn. Such amazing memories. And it just gives your makeup that much needed freshen up whenever its needed. Such a gorgeous product.

Thank you so much for reading – hope you enjoyed it.

Ashley x





I don’t dare say it… the word, the season, the weather we are all waiting for…. we get a glimpse of warmth and sunshine and then boom the cold and snow comes huffing back into the room. Well even the slightly warmer days my skin is thankful for at the moment. The constant central heating and icy chills outside have dried it up so much. That coupled with the fact I foolishly ploughed into a 1% retinol treatment without the recommended build up. Whoops.

So I thought now would be the perfect time to give you a bit of a beauty update. The products I am still addicted too – a few new ones I have discovered over the past months and anything else I think you simply need to know about beautification wise.

I started this as one post but there are so many new bits I want to tell you about I’ve had to split it into two. So I am starting with the basics, skincare and body. Part 2 will cover all the gorgeous new makeup finds I’ve discovered over the past few months, what works and what I now cannot be without!


Facial skincare

Peter Thomas Roth cleansers – glycolic acid and salicylic acid. I have used both of these for years now and always rave about them. The Salicylic acid I use at night to help stop spots and blemishes – its a BHA and unclogs pores and clears impurities. The Glycolic acid wash is a rapid exfoliant that sloughs away dead skin cells – I use it in the morning to exfoliate my skin ready for my serum and moisturiser.

Simple – eye makeup remover. I have used this forever and although I’ve tried others across all sorts of budgets – for me this is the best. Everything comes off with ease, no need to rub or be harsh around your eyes. Perfect. I buy it at Boots usually 3 for 2.

Elixseri – smooth player serum. This is new for me and I so far so (very) good. A really easy to apply, creamy serum that really delivers moisture into dry skin to help with those fine lines. It’s not the cheapest on the market but you don’t need much to get the results just continuous daily use.

Sisley eye contour mask. This is a real treat mask for me – when I have had a few disturbed sleepless nights with teething or sick children… I really notice it around my eyes. The lines get deeper and dryer and I just look a bit meh. This is instant. Feels incredible on and delivers results.

Sunday Riley – Good Genes. I have used this for a year or so now and still love it. I don’t use it every day or even every week now but when I do I wake up noticing a difference. It uses lactic acid to exfoliate and instantly brightens the skin. I would highly recommend!

Talika – Eye Dream. Another new product I love – this is a gorgeous nighttime eye mask that promotes skin regeneration for your eye contour. It also has soy protein to reduce dark circles. Addicted.

Paulas Choice – Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid. This is another exfoliating salicylic acid product. Different from the cleanser you leave this on the skin so it really helps to help renew skin, minimise your pores, reduce any redness and help blemishes.

Glossier Solution. Similiar to the above I swap these up. I am have read different reviews on this product but I like what it does to my skin. Perhaps its the pairing with the cleansers. I personally don’t have any reactions but maybe patch test first. It contains a lot of the acids in the other products I use – Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid, Salicylic Acid. So can be too much for some.


Medik8 Retinol. I am very new to this sort of retinol and after starting low I got impatient within a week – went full strength and regretted it instantly so have gone back down to this. 0.3%. I would do your research first and read all about it but this make is affordable, highly recommended by those in the industry and proven to work.

Sunday Riley – Luna. This was my first foray into retinoids. Very low, and mixed with tonnes of super moisturising ingredients. Its a gorgeous product I would always recommend and a great way to start using Vit A.

Sisley – Black Rose Cream mask. Pure luxury – at a cost. But if you can afford to treat yourself or ask as a gift its so worth it. Just bliss for the skin.

Tata Harper – resurfacing mask. I try and do this once a week – it offers deep cleansing and revitalisation, pulling impurities from pores and eliminating dull and blemished cells. Very natural, no dryness or tightness but an instant glow for the skin.

Tata Harper – regenerating cleanser. This is aimed at tired skin which is definitely me. Its very luxurious, skins left feeling clean but not tight at all. It encourages the regeneration of healthy new skin cells for a youthful glow getting rid of that top level of dead cells. I use this every now and then when I don’t want to use one of the harsher acidic cleansers.

Swiss Clinic – needle roller. Ok so I was going to start this last night but then realised I didn’t have a steriliser for afterwards so its been put on hold. So excited to try it though and I am going to write all about my experience and the before and after effects. If you’re going down this route then the serum you use afterwards is of upmost importance!

Sisley self tanning hydrating facial skin care. Always rave about this. Pricey but oh so good!

Elemis – Superfood day cream. I love the marine cream so when they launched this new range I was very excited. Its currently my everyday moisturiser I love it. Lightweight and packed full of goodness.

Tata Harper – Illuminating mousitriser and eye cream. These moisturisers are amazing. I am trying to use them slowly as love them. I have been mixing a bit in with my foundation too – they have actual diamond dust within! Your skin glimmers!! The eye one is amazing if you are worried about dark circles and dull tiredness. Great for tired mums!


By Terry – Baume de Rose face cream. Pure luxury in a tub. Perfect for when you need all the moisture asap.

Sunday Riley – CEO rapid flash brightening serum. Just finished my tube of this – I used it religiously. So easy to use, no greasiness and soaks right in. I think using a VIT C serum is very important before moisturer especially when using a retinol. I am trying two more brands in the next few months so will keep you updated. One is a much cheaper version and then other of the higher end of the market.

It – confidence in a cream. I was sent this as a gift and hadn’t heard of the brand before but a few people messaged me saying how much they loved it. Its gorgeous, quite thick but if I have had a night out this is my go-to in the morning.

For the hair…

Sachajuan – ocean mist volume shampoo and conditioner. Makes your hair look fuller, love love love!

Josh Wood colour – game changer – uplifting shampoo for blonde hair prone to frizz and the epic ‘Everything Mask’ – colour locks, slows fade, glosses hair and gives it a deep conditioning treatment. Boom!

See the range here

Hair by Sam McKnight. Lazy Girl and Cool Girl. These actually come in the most gorgeous packaging too (make a great gift), they smell insane and I love how they give my hair that rough slept in sort of texture. Gorgeous products! The pink bottle ‘Cool Girl’ is my favourite…

For the body…

REN – anti-fatigue body wash – love this stuff! Always in my shower I need it in the mornings to wake me and my skin up. Lathered with a big poof.

Connock – famous for their incredible scents they also created this incredible scrub. I am always in search of a good body scrub and this you use before the shower with this skin smoothing body mitt. So lovely and would make a gorgeous gift.

Vita Liberata 2-3 week luxury tan. The best tan I have ever used.

Thank you so much for reading – part two will be live tomorrow with all my makeup buys.

Ashley x