So, you might remember my last blog post about my 60 day trial of Seven Seas Perfect7® Renewal. Well the results are in eeeek!

Quick recap and for anyone that missed my last post (linked here) – Seven Seas launched a UK first of its kind beauty supplement which contains a naturally sourced form of the very important ceramides, called Ceramosides™. Ceramides occur naturally in the skin and comprise 50% of the skins moisture barrier, but as we age levels drop.

Ceramosides™ have been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days. You take the Ceramosides™ capsule alongside a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral tablet to support overall health and well-being, and a Seven Seas Omega-3 capsule with DHA for additional health benefits.

Well on the first test that looked at the appearance of my skin, the skin analyst told me my skin was older than my years. I knew that would be the case with my sun worshipping and love for a glass or two of wine! So I was very interested to what the final results would show as I had certainly seen a visual difference.

And the actual scientific results… drum roll please… a 31.2% reduction in my skins roughness and a 36.66% reduction in my wrinkles. I am shocked! And delighted… that’s quite something. Below are the rather attractive images taken of my skin up close and personal.

If you want to look and feel younger then I can fully recommend Perfect7® Renewal Advanced, with the Ceramosides™ to promote more radiant looking skin and the multivitamins and Omega-3 to keep you healthy.

Perfect7®Renewal is now on sale in Boots for £34.99 with contains 30x Ceramosides™ capsules and 30x Omega-3 capsules and Perfect7®Renewal Advanced is £39.99 which contains 30x Ceramosides™ capsules, 30x Omega-3 capsules and has the added benefit of 30x multivitamin and mineral tablets.

You can buy them here – Perfect7® RenewalAdvanced

This post was written in collaboration with Seven Seas Perfect7®Renewal but all imagery and opinions are my own. 

Wrinkle reduction: Skin Photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30-day supply

DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision, DHA contributes to normal brain function. 

Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


I don’t usually start my Christmas shopping early – but having been so on it with all the Cyber Week deals it meant I started snapping up gifts in November. First time for everything. And its sort of rolled on from there. In fact I think I am about two gifts away from completing my entire gift list. Smug right?!

Have you seen this years Debenhams Christmas adverts? That track gets stuck in my head every time I hear it… ‘staaaaar…’ do a bit of you know you did good, do a bit of Debenhams. I drive my husband mad choosing presents – and cards. I take so long. But I want them to be really loved and for the cards to mean something personal or make them laugh. So as part of my Christmas collaboration with Debenhams they invited me to choose a gift for someone special in my life. I chose my Sister. Like me she’s a mum of two and barely has time to think about herself, working four days a week and has been juggling sick children a lot the past month. I thought she deserved a gift that she wouldn’t ever buy for herself. Something I know she’d feel so guilty spending her own money on – so a real treat.

This beautiful black silk pyjama set has the most beautiful lace detail that cannot fail to make you feel like a silky goddess at night. I’d wear with a huge fluffy dressing gown for real luxury on the skin… and after a deep bubble bath. Thats my idea of a dream evening. With a large Merlot of course! I can picture my sister already! Quite envious…

I also know she never spends much on her skincare but loves the fact her sister is a beauty product junkie so uses mine. I wanted to treat her to something that’ll work but that’ll last a long time too. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum is amazing. And a little goes a long way.


And the gift box – Debenhams has these gorgeous boxes in four sizes and they come with ribbon a tag and a choice of these little cards with notes…

Now lets hope it brings a huge smile to her face!  She deserves it.

Ashley x

I’ve linked a few other gifts which might catch your eye here too…

I am wearing the J by Jasper Conran cashmere roll neck, so soft…

…and Levis 501 – Debenhams sell a few different styles the tapered leg is great for the vintage look. Linked them all here.


This post is written in collaboration with Debenhams but all images and opinions are my own. 



Continuing with my quest to get my hair back to its pre-baby glory days I bring to you part 2 of ‘How to grow your hair long’. In this piece I will be delving into more science to help us understand our hair a bit more – and have a tonne of new tips and tricks. So without further ado…

From the last post we know the facts – hair is dead keratin fibre. The only way to improve the quality of hair being produced by your hair follicles is by optimising the scalp condition as a foundation for producing healthy hair. Our hair depends on the health of our scalp and there are a lot of things we can be doing to make sure that our scalp is looked after just as well as the skin on our faces. But just as the skin on our faces ages the scalp does too and that means the hair follicles age. The deeper layers of the dermis become less effective and the regeneration slows down.  Which makes sense as I have got older my hair has definitely thinned out.

Now what about our lifestyle and diet?

This is very important – just as with the skin on our faces what we eat and consume effects the scalp. Pollutants from city living settle on the scalp and hair shaft causing dullness, loss of moisture and scalp irritation. Washing your hair will unclog follicles and remove particle pollutants but you can also protect it from pollutions in 3 easy steps:

  1. There are some great anti-pollutions hair care ranges now.
  2. Fewer styling products – gels creams and mousses can encourage pollutants to stick.
  3. Get your vitamins – Vitamin E helps repair and build tissue, reduce inflammation and maintain follicle health. Vitamin A is needed to make sebum, the bodies natural moisturiser.

And how often should we wash it?

Normal to dry hair – one wash per week

Greasy hair – two or three washes per week


What about coloured hair like mine?

it is the most prone to breakage as chemicals have removed the hairs natural protective layer leaving it exposed and drying it out. But hair colouring if done correctly shouldn’t impact the scalp (choose your colourist wisely). You just need to make sure that the actual coloured hair has a little extra TLC alternating a moisturising and a protein mask.

  1. Let your products work – massage a good quality shampoo with active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid into your scalp and let it work on your skin for a good three minutes. Conditioners longer if you can.
  2. Give yourself scalp facials – ‘scalpcials’ as part of your beauty routine. Massaging your scalp, exfoliating it and moisturising it.

From the experts…

I decided to speak to the two ladies I trust with my hair at Josh Wood Aterlier – Kat and Mel. First up the lovely Katherine De Rozario (@Katcutsme) queen of the scissors, shares the seven secrets to going your hair long….

  1. The aim is to have long, HEALTHY hair, so invest in a good mask. The longer your hair, the longer its been there and the more it will need noroushing.
  2. I would recommend alternating between a protein based mask to rebuild the cuticle and a hydrating mask to feed it.
  3. Don’t go for months on end without cutting it. Find a stylist you trust and ask them to take the smallest amount off the ends to see it healthy – little and often every 10 weeks or so.
  4. Then address your internal and external routine…
  5. Buy a shampoo that will stimulate your scalp and gently massage and brush your scalp. This will help the circulation of blood flowing to your hair follicles.
  6. Look at your diet, eat well and invest in some supplements that will boost your internal system.
  7. On average hair grows just over 1cm every 6-8 weeks. Then its just a patience game!


Part 3 coming soon….

Ashley x



Ever since I had Margot which is now not too far off two years (time goes too fast)… my hair hasn’t been the same. I had masses of of it when I was pregnant – as most women do, and then it fell out when I stopped breastfeeding. As it normally does. But I have been waiting patiently for it to grow back somewhere in the middle of the thick/thin hair I’ve been having… but it hasn’t.

So in my despair I have started to look into it a bit more and thats where this blog post was born.

What have I learnt so far…

Dr Khan – hair restoration consultant for the brand KERLUXE has a prestigious 25-year career in hair restoration surgery and is a firm believer that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The more I have read up on it – the more I completely and totally agree.

Scalp skin should be viewed as a variant of normal skin, in that it has an epidermis and dermis, with a greater concentration of hair follicles. In order for the hair follicles to remain strong and keep producing healthy hair the scalp needs to be in optimum condition.

With this in mind – surely we should treat the skin on our scalps with just as much care as we treat the skin on our faces.

Kerluxe is one of the brands that hold this to be the most important factor in hair care – in fact they believe that just like a skincare routine, the secret to healthy beautiful hair lies in a 4-step, Cleanse, Hydrate, Treat and Protect ritual. Treating your scalp with the same high quality ingredients as the skin on your face.

Their range uses several active skincare ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen, Peptides and Antioxidants – all things I already use on my face but never my scalp. I never would have been thought about using these ingredients on my scalps skin. But I am on a mission to get my hair back to how it was pre-babies starting with upping my hair-product game. Then I will also start taking more care of my hair… and with that in mind have a read of these 5 sins below. One in particular was a shocker for me and my hair-lifestyle….


5 ways you damage your hair which you might not know about

  1. Hair is most elastic when wet, making brushing post washing a no no. You overstretch your hair as you brush and it can snap. Instead brush it before you wash it and then if needed you a wide comb or fingers when applying conditioner.
  2. Sun exposure will dehydrate your hair. UV rays cause hair to lose protein which induces breakage. Cover your hair when you’re in the sun, reduce time in the sun, and use an SPF.
  3. Your brush choice is very important. Delicate and fine – use a natural boar bristled brush as they are super gentle and glide through locks without snagging. Dry hair will also benefit from this brush as the bristles distribute the oils from your scalp along the hair for much needed moisture. Cury hair – use a mixed bristle brush. The natural bristles will smooth the cuticles helping with frizz and the synthetic bristles will detangle. Thick straight or long hair – use a paddle brush. Afro hair – Denman Classic styling brushes are supposed to be ideal as the thick rubber base adds tension when brushing.
  4. Dry shampoo. Oh this one hit me hard I love my dry shampoo its a god-send. But apparently using it 2/3 days in a row means oil and dirt build up on the scalp with the dry shampoo blocking hair follicles which can lead to a reduction in hair growth and loss of hair. If you use it a lot you should also make sure you use a really good cleansing shampoo.
  5. When swimming – always enter the chlorine water with WET hair not dry hair. Hair that’s already wet wont absorb as much pool water as hair that’s bone dry.


How to grow your hair long – Part 2 coming soon with even more tips and tricks – including some of the best products from different brands on the market now.







I mentioned on Instagram that I’ve been trialling a new product for the past 60 days. I also mentioned that I saw a very significant reduction in my wrinkles. And now I can reveal the product… it’s brand new by Seven Seas… and its called Perfect7 Renewal.

Seven Seas approached me about trialling this quite some time ago now, I went in to meet with the team and I also met a skin analyst. The skin analysts background in skin analysis goes back generations and she has a seriously impressive knowledge of it all. I learnt more about skin from her in half an hour than I have ever learnt in my whole life. And I do think knowledge is power for us – the consumers. We need to understand our skin before spending money on products. To understand why we are choosing to buy one product over another. And not because of hype or price… because of the ingredients and how and why it works.

So to cut a long story short – what works in Perfect7 Renewal. Why should we use it?

    • It is a UK first of its kind – expect more to be launched in its wake I am sure of it.
    • It contains Ceramides.
    • Ceramides (Provided in Perfect7 Renewal as Ceramosides™ and come in a little capsule) occur naturally in the skin and comprise 50% of the skins moisture barrier, but as we age levels drop.
    • Ceramosides are scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days.
    • You take it alongside a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral tablet to support overall health and well-being, and a Seven Seas Omega-3 capsule with DHA for additional health benefits.

The skin analyst said ‘Ceramides are molecules that occur naturally in our skin and makeup 50% of the skins moisture barrier but as we age, our levels start to drop.

I learnt that if your skin’s cells were bricks then consider ceramides as the major part of the mortar in between them. They are the main lipid in the ‘cement’ surrounding the protective cells in the skin’s outermost layer’. So it makes sense to supplement levels of ceramides if we can.


The skin analyst took me off to do some tests where she took two readings of how my skin looked before I started using the supplement. The plan was to do the exact same test after the 60 days and compare results. I knew my initial results would be bad – years of sunbeds and sun worshipping mean my skin is definitely older than its years. But it made me more excited for the results at the end of the trial…

The team are busy getting all the science together from my results and I’ll be able to share the exact percentage drop with imagery of my skin very soon. So watch this space… I can’t wait to share it all….

Perfect7 Renewal is now on sale in Boots for £34.99 and Perfect7 Renewal Advanced is £39.99 and has the added benefit of the multivitamin and mineral tablet as well as the Omega-3 capsule too. 

You can buy them here – Perfect7 Renewal

This post was written in collaboration with Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal but all imagery and opinions are my own. 

Wrinkle reduction: Skin Photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30-day supply


DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision, DHA contributes to normal brain function. 


Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.