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So without further ado here is my quick-fire sales fix for you… my edit of pieces… everything I am coveting that they have to offer.


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When it comes to Summer sandals I like to keep it simple. A good pair of slides, classic straps, natural materials, neutral shades or chic black and as leg lengthening as possible. Understated sandals are like a natural beauty – you don’t need all the bells and whistles, just a little Summer dress, cut offs and t-shirt, and a pair of (comfortable) shoes you can slip on that don’t look like you’ve tried too hard – but look incredibly hot.

I’ve put together a little edit of my favourite designs on the highstreet right now, including one pair I have just ordered myself. Apart from a little sequin pair I snuck in because they’re just too fabulous not to – they all follow my Summer sandal rules and will be sure to make you look cool and elegant all season.


 This year will be my husbands first Fathers Day as a dad of two. He treated me like a queen on Mothers Day so I want make sure he gets spoilt rotten this year too. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I am a huge fan of and collaborated with them for Mothers Day, so I couldn’t wait to work with them again on their new Father’s Day campaign. This year, they are encouraging everyone to get to know their dads better and discover things about him that they didn’t know before. Whether he is Part Dad, Part Rockstar or maybe Part Dad, Part Style Icon, they want the nation to #GetToKnowDad and surprise him with a gift that shows him you really know him.
With Vivienne now three (how did that happen?!) she can hold whole conversations and the things she comes out with make me laugh so much. We wanted to find out more about her dad and using her three-year old insight really be able to get him a thoughtful gift – something with real meaning to him. Bring on the questions…it was time to delve into what she thinks she knows about her daddy…

Here’s how our conversation went and what her dad had to say about her comments…

Me ‘What’s the coolest thing Dad’s ever done?’  Vivienne ‘he lets me watch golf before bed’  Richard ‘I love having this time together each night when I get in from work and its something I don’t share with you so its nice that Vivienne enjoys it with me’

What’s Dad’s favourite thing to do? V -‘go to work’ R ‘I am putting this down to how happy I am when she sees me each night’ 

What’s the most embarrassing thing Dad’s ever done? V ‘dancing’ ‘haha thanks Vivienne’

What does Dad do at work? V ‘he sits on the train’ ‘I might need to explain the commute a little more here’

If Dad could have any job in the world what would it be? V ‘errrr… drive the train’ R ‘at least she gets the concept of promotion’

What makes Dad really happy? / What does he love doing? V ‘watching golf – oh and chasing me on the scooter!’ R ‘she’s hit the nail on the head here’

What’s Dad really good at? V ‘making mummy happy – and hide & seek’ R ‘that is adorable – I love that she sees how happy we are together – and I do love a good game of hide and seek haha’

What’s the cheekiest thing Dad’s ever done? V ‘when he gets me – and tickles me’ R ‘this is when she always calls me a cheeky monkey copying you’

If Dad could be anyone in the world, who would he be? V ‘Dustin Johnson’ R ‘This is incredible – I love that she remembers his name! Our golf sessions are working – she’ll be a golf pro in no-time at all’

What’s the funniest thing Dad’s ever done? V ‘silly voices when he reads me books – he sneezes funny’ R ‘Glad the voices haven’t gone unoticed’

What was Dad’s favourite holiday? V ‘skiing with his friends – without mummy’ R ‘Shows she knows I like my alone time perhaps?’

If Dad could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? V ‘in the sea’ R ‘more alone time?’

What’s Dad’s favourite food? V ‘meat – he’s always eating meat’ ‘I do like a good steak’

If you were going to get Dad a gift, what would he like? V ‘a bigger car – he says it is far too small’ ‘is it too much to ask for a newer for Fathers Day?’

What makes Dad laugh? V ‘me!’ ‘she certainly does’

I’m sure Vivienne’s dad would rather be part rockstar but Vivienne and I agreed on Part Dad / Part Sportsman. Golf seemed to be weaved throughout the conversation and to be fair Richard completely agreed with all of her comments even if her comments did make him chuckle. Fathers Day Gifts

After a browse together on the iPad we (me) chose a gorgeous leather score hard holder which we personalised with his favourite quote he always has Vivienne tell him before setting out the door to play a round… ‘One shot at a time’ and signed with love from both Vivienne and Margot. I love that he will always have something from his daughters when he is out playing.

Personalised Leather Golf Score Card Holder

I wish I had filmed the converstaion to show her dad – so funny watching her ponder the questions and how certain she was of some of the answers. So this year grab your phones and become the interviewer asking your kids what they think of dad, get the perfect most thoughtful gift from their answers, and then you can show him the interview afterwards! Memories to treasure!

#GetToKnowDad @Notonthehighstreet

These are the pick of products for all the other Part Dad / Part Sportsmen.




Whilst my first passion with style might be sartorial my second obsession comes in the form of dressing my home up. And now with a whole new home to dress I am searching high and low for beautiful pieces to fill it with.

There’s one online destination I have bought so many things for myself on – jewellery, accessories, vintage finds. But I had never delved into the Home & Living tabs. What a mistake! Think of any trend you’re currently obsessing over for the home and pinning like mad about – they have it.  And at every budget. Hundreds, actually thousands of artists, designers and curators to buy beautiful, sometimes one off, always unique, pieces from – all within an online marketplace where craftsmanship is key.


Etsy Home & Living Picks 

Anyone that has followed my Instagram for a while would have seen the gold sputnik ceiling light I had in the old cottage. I found it at a DIY store in stainless steel and spray painted it myself after spending hours online trying to find a gold one that was affordable and available in the UK. Over time the spray paint has peeled and dulled and although I have brought them with me to the house I thought it was time for an upgrade and get the real deal, all gorgeous gleaming beautiful spikes of it, hanging in the new lounge. I found a company based in the UK (Cheltenham) that makes the most stunning hand crafted mid-century modern and contemporary lighting. Literally fell in love with every single design. And the way Etsy is set up you can message with the shop directly and ask any questions, get help with your decision and ask advice before ordering. The shop owner Eve was incredible at guiding me on what finish I was wanted, fittings, delivery etc. It was like having your own personal shopper. The day the light arrived I messaged my excitement to Eve and can’t wait to show her what her design looks like in my home. Its all so personal and the experience makes each piece all the more special as you know exactly where its come from, who made it and where. Call me sentimental but that means something to me.

Eves shop is called InScapesDesign and I cannot recommend her enough. Totally and utterly in love with my new light.

The Trends I’m Currently Coveting

The Wall Sconce

The Vintage Rug

The Oversized Wall Art

The Decorative Crystals

The Art Deco Coffee Table

My new home is a long term ‘project’…. read… needs a lot of work and we need to save some pennies to do said work… but in the meantime I’ll keep staring at my new light, pinning away the trends and coming back to Etsy to find what I need.

Ashley x

This post was created in collaboration with Etsy – all photography and opinions are my own.


Is there anything more iconic of Jane Birkin (apart from that toothy grin) than the wicker baskets she would carry around day and night, dressed up, dressed down… and the little wicker basket has had a huge sartorial resurgence that everyone from the highstreet to vintage restorers are enjoying. The most simple of bags – you can pick one up from your local charity shop for a few pounds or go high end with a Prada version for over £1000. Basket shaped eliminates the panic search for your keys and is actually a pretty practical mum-bag you can throw the contents of your life into and dip in and out of. And following in the footsteps of Ms Birkin – don’t be afraid to dress it up. Back to my old rule of opposites – pairing the casual wicker bag with a smartly tailored suit of Friday-night-lights party dress looks effortlessly cool.

I’ve linked some great vintage finds, highstreet bags and designer pieces below. And take your inspiration from these stylish ladies who do it oh so well….