Towards the end of last year I had bought myself a faux suede jacket from Zara. I totally loved it. But I couldn’t get over the fact it wasn’t real suede and it bugged me. So back it went leaving a suede jacket hole in my wardrobe. Then the Mango sale delivered – a beautiful, super soft camel suede leather biker. And all was well.

The said jacket is now back at Mango (link in my shop) but its quite pricey at over £100. So if you want to test the suede biker water before taking the plunge I have linked some really beautiful faux versions below for you. And a few gorgeous forever versions for good measure.

When it comes to styling it couldn’t be easier. Just like a classic black leather biker you can throw this on with anything. The softer texture is incredibly flattering and you’ll probably find you wear it right into the Summer months, scrunching it up in your handbag or under the buggy when it heats up. And the beauty is like the leather biker it just gets better with age and battering. (Worth using a protection spray if little hands/mouths might get close though). Check the gorgeous ladies below for all the stylish styling inspo you could need….


Back in January my husband treated me to a beautiful gold signet ring for my birthday. I have yet to have it engraved as I wanted to save it and have both Viviennes and Margots initials entwined together on it. So it’ll be heading back to the jewellers shortly for the grand engraving as well as final fitting to make sure it fits perfectly as even in January at seven months pregnant my fingers were a little on the portly.

I don’t know if I was subconsciously swayed into buying a signet ring having seen them across social media but recently I have been seeing them everywhere, and I love it. No longer the choice of the pinky-set these rings look seriously cool adorning any finger. With their androgynous style they actually work amazingly with more delicate rings and set-off a brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring perfectly.

As well as the beautiful design from my husband which is solid gold I’ve since treated myself to another signet ring – this ones gold plated from Posh Totty (one of my favourites- find it here) and I have linked it below along with a few other designs – some from just £12.



When I am struggling to pull together an outfit for an occasion I will always turn to a shirt – day or evening – paired with a skirt or trousers, flats or heels. A shirt can be as masculine as it is feminine. This is not a blouse. It is a sharp tailored shirt. You can wear it open and showing a flash of underwear or buttoned up to your neck. It’s elegant yet androgynous.

And for the ultimate in luxury – I will pull a silk shirt.

Sexy without trying it glides across your chest as you move and looks as beautiful in sunlight as it does the dim lights of a bar.

It can be an expensive luxury though with prices starting at around £200.

Enter the satin shirt – the cheaper alternative. It won’t look as luxurious granted but perhaps if you wear it enough it could warrant a splurge on a silk version? Plus when prices start around £10 you won’t worry too much when you spill your drink down it in the aforementioned dim lights of a bar.

Styling Tips

  1. Wear as a masculine piece. Don’t be afraid of oversized – just ensure you tuck it in.
  2. Look to style icons like Caroline de Maigret and her Parisian chic styling. Keep it modern and simple.
  3. Buy the best you can afford (once you know you will wear it) and make sure the fit flatters your chest size.
  4. Roll up the sleeves for casual chic.
  5. Pair with ripped denim to play with your opposites.
  6. Wear makeup simple and hair rough-dried. The perfectly polished look is best left for cotton.
Shop my edit below – from 100% silk to my pick of bargain satin buys.





I’m not sure there’s a more special relationship than that with your mother. And being a mother is far more than biology. Working mums, foster mums, grand-ma-mums, gym mums, coffee-shop mums, stay-at-homes mums…. this Mothers Day is celebrating mums from all walks of life by championing their differences.

#ForMumsWho is about recognising our uniqueness, our diversity and our individuality – celebrating it with gifts that are just as unique and special.

Not a single week goes by where I don’t think about how lucky I am to have my mum. She is incredible, having had three daughters herself (I am the eldest of three sisters) she’s now the proud grandmother of three grandchildren. My mum is that mum who just does… and does everything. She still works but when she has free time she gives it up to look after Vivienne for me, to allow me to work. My mum’s the mum who makes sacrifices to allow her own daughter to succeed. And not just since I had Vivienne – since forever. My mum is the mum who is constantly giving, completely unselfishly giving herself, her time, her energy, her love, her knowledge and her wisdom. Whenever I am lost, upset, confused I call on my mum. Whenever I am happy, excited, desperate to tell – I call on my mum. She is my best friend in the whole world.

I hope that one day Vivienne and Margot will feel the same about me. If I can be even a small part of the mother my mum is I will be proud of myself. She is my inspiration every single day.

When got in touch with me and invited me to work with them on their #ForMumsWho Mother’s Day campaign and choose a gift from their site for my mum I knew instantly it had to be something that involved her grandchildren. Something she could wear close to her heart and something that was as stylish as she is. So this Mothers Day I treated my own mum to a beautiful personalised necklace from Rachel Jackson. This stunning amulet contains crushed pearls and aquamarine the birthstones of the months her three grandchildren were born in. It also has their names beautifully engraved around the front and the ‘Nana’ on the back. I know already she’ll love it.

Rachel Jackson necklace

Thank you NOTHS – for always providing the best ideas and most special gifts.



Visit to discover unique gifts for every mum this Mother’s Day, 26th March.

This post is in collaboration with NOTHS but all opinions and photographs are my own. 


Totally aware of how quick to the draw I am here…two days of sunshine in London and I am writing about Spring! But that beautiful Spring light does wonders for the mood, there’s nothing quite like it. And being able to ditch the Winter coat – heaven.

So as I pull all my bikers, oversized cardigans and blazers to the front of the wardrobe I thought it would be the perfect time for a bit of blazer indulgence. If there’s one Spring jacket that can instantly transform a look its the blazer. Wearing a tracksuit (me right now at 41 weeks pregnant) and feeling ‘meh’ – throw a blazer over the top and you look instantly tailored, smart and well put-together.

 I’ve linked my edit of the high-street below and browse through the inspo pictures for some stylish ideas of how to wear them this season… simple, classic and easy….