The power of a blazer to make you feel like you’re conquering the world. Even if that world is getting out the house with kids dressed, teeth brushed and a school bag with completed homework. Winning!

I have a new found love for these blazers that have emerged for Spring. Belted blazers. They’re intrinsically feminine showing off the female curves – yet androgynous to boot which is my favourite look. My camel one is from &OtherStories and made of the softest brushed cotton. Gives it a luxurious look especially in the soft creamy shade.

I am quite tempted by a pinstripe one or a darker navy or black. Going to road test it with belting one I already own with a chunky black leather belt. If you’re belting one yourself just make sure the blazer is long enough on the body to not flare out too much at the waist. A long line blazer would work perfectly on the hips.

As I deliberate holes in my wardrobe and plot my next spend I have put together a round-up of the best on the highstreet for you to peruse right now. Including a few more higher end versions like the stunning Charlotte jacket by Anine Bing. A smattering of style inspo is below the shopping too.



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If theres one item of clothing I wear all year round, at least once a week (apart from knickers which I promise I always wear too)… then its a black boot. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn I always go for a black boot. Recently its been hiking style, my favourite Acne Jensens are mighty battered from all the pavement pounding the last few years, pistol style boots, my favourite Anine Bing patent heeled boots I always reach for with little dresses in the evening… so I thought it was time to give the black boot some blog-loving and round up my edit of my favourite black boots available to buy right now. From the very budget friendly to the Ganni cowboy boots I fell in love with last year.

And then a few of gorgeous street style snaps to help you style them up…

Ashley x

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So, you might remember my last blog post about my 60 day trial of Seven Seas Perfect7® Renewal. Well the results are in eeeek!

Quick recap and for anyone that missed my last post (linked here) – Seven Seas launched a UK first of its kind beauty supplement which contains a naturally sourced form of the very important ceramides, called Ceramosides™. Ceramides occur naturally in the skin and comprise 50% of the skins moisture barrier, but as we age levels drop.

Ceramosides™ have been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days. You take the Ceramosides™ capsule alongside a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral tablet to support overall health and well-being, and a Seven Seas Omega-3 capsule with DHA for additional health benefits.

Well on the first test that looked at the appearance of my skin, the skin analyst told me my skin was older than my years. I knew that would be the case with my sun worshipping and love for a glass or two of wine! So I was very interested to what the final results would show as I had certainly seen a visual difference.

And the actual scientific results… drum roll please… a 31.2% reduction in my skins roughness and a 36.66% reduction in my wrinkles. I am shocked! And delighted… that’s quite something. Below are the rather attractive images taken of my skin up close and personal.

If you want to look and feel younger then I can fully recommend Perfect7® Renewal Advanced, with the Ceramosides™ to promote more radiant looking skin and the multivitamins and Omega-3 to keep you healthy.

Perfect7®Renewal is now on sale in Boots for £34.99 with contains 30x Ceramosides™ capsules and 30x Omega-3 capsules and Perfect7®Renewal Advanced is £39.99 which contains 30x Ceramosides™ capsules, 30x Omega-3 capsules and has the added benefit of 30x multivitamin and mineral tablets.

You can buy them here – Perfect7® RenewalAdvanced

This post was written in collaboration with Seven Seas Perfect7®Renewal but all imagery and opinions are my own. 

Wrinkle reduction: Skin Photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30-day supply

DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision, DHA contributes to normal brain function. 

Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


That strange and weirdly wonderful time of year I like to call Christmas-limbo period – we are well and truly in it. Eating all the leftovers, drinking all the wine and scoffing all the chocolates from half empty boxes scattered around the house.

But it is also the time of year the highstreet gets its sales on. No longer saved for January 1st most of them started Christmas Eve. So in a bid to help you out (and an excuse to shop for myself) I have scoured my favourite retailers and created this little edit of what I have my eye on in the sale right now including a few bits I already have that are now reduced (like that incredible navy sequin skirt)… enjoy xx


So many of the highstreet stores have now gone into sale and whilst the discounts will no doubt spread to more product as we near the New Year if theres something you’ve had your eye on now is the time to grab it before it sells out – an early Christmas present from you to you…

First up – Topshop. Heres my little edit of what I already have (that Union Jack jumper is only £20 now… and the lurex jeans I love so much – half price at £25)… and what I am putting in my basket… enjoy x