10 Styling Tips for Transitional Dressing

10 Styling Tips for Transitional Dressing

It’s that funny time of year where its going to start getting cold, pretty quickly but you’re not quite ready to shelve those gorgeous Summer pieces you’ve just bought. It’s time to make your wardrobe start working harder again.

Transitional dressing is about mixing what you already have – and filling the gaps where needed. Less trend led – more basic led. So if your wardrobe is stocked with the basics as you would your kitchen you’ll always have pieces to fill in the seasons. That’s why I always recommend either spending big on the basics – classic leather handbag/leather boots – and when something fits perfectly – the classic white t-shirt for example – buy the same piece twice or three times even so its always there.

Now for the tips…

Tip 1.

Simple but oh so true – layer your clothes. That Summer dress will still work come Autumn, just add a long sleeve tshirt underneath and throw on ankle boots and a leather jacket.

Tip 2.

Buy a polo neck. Make it a lightweight knit style that you can wear as a vest under your other clothes. It looks super chic and is a really simple way to update a floral dress, summer shirt, or little cami top.

Tip 3.

Leggings. Yes seriously. But make them good quality – no one wants that see through – see your pants look. Go pleather, or cotton, or leather even. Wear them as a layering piece, by themselves with Summer and Winter shoes. In the evening with a silk top. And as the cold draws in – they’ll look great with a a giant chunky knit as they’ll balance out your silhouette.

Tip 4.

Go Max or go home. The Maxi skirt and dress, even one you normally ‘save for best’ or your most summery white pieces (see Caroline below) look effortless styled with a denim jacket, leather biker, over-sized blazer or a chunky cardigan.

Tip 5.

Hats are your best friend. Forget about doing your hair on the school-run just grab a hat. And it’ll give you that added bit of warmth you need too – just to mention the practical. Baker boy, boater, fedora… what ever floats your boat. Just wear with confidence and the more you wear one the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Tip 6.

Don’t forget your sunnies. Just because its no longer Summer it doesn’t mean you should pack away the sunnies. For one you should always protect those peepers – and two – they look good so why not. Just never inside. Ever.

Tip 7.

Keep up with the colour. Just because you have to wear a coat now it doesn’t mean it has to be black (says she that always wears black)…. a bright red leather jacket, a mustard trench or a blush pink wool coat.

Tip 8.

Go fishing – I am talking little fishnet socks that I wore last AW and will most definitely be wearing this season too. They look great with the little kitten heels pointy designs around courtesy of Dior – and with loafers – courtesy of Gucci.

Tip 9.

Pair a knit with your summer skirt – just remember to always think ‘opposites’ – so a feminine skirt looks amazing with a masculine knit.

Tip 10.

Thigh high boots. They’re back – again – well when did they ever go away?! Wear them flat for effortless style.

Tip 11.

A brucey bonus tip – don’t forget the humble scarf! It can transform an outfit – the bigger the better. And you’ll be surprised just how warm your chest keeps even if your legs are freezing in that summer skirt!



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