Rain Down on Me

Rain Down on Me

When you think ‘raincoat’ the word ‘stylish’ doesn’t usually come up next. And lets face it – practical items of clothing usually aren’t that style-lead. But you needn’t go down the mumsy raincoat road of twee there are so many other ways to stay dry.

From £30 to some I spotted over £3k (I haven’t included those but a couple of designer ones are thrown in) there are styles for all styles. I am always drawn to the classic trench but they’re not usually water-proof more water-resistant which is just frustrating. But they look damn good with a blue jean and loafer on a Spring day.

Anyway… another option is go leather, pleather or PVC – a super chic way to stay dry if not for only the brave style wise. But they do work really well as a light weight jacket on dry days too and you might not feel the same about an actual raincoat. I picked a leather trench up from Camden market when I was about 16 – wish I’d kept it. Loved it to bits!

Or lastly – which I think I’ll go for is opting for a classic simple green, navy or black raincoat that will compliment whatever else you’re wearing and is what it is – a raincoat.

I’ve rounded up my favourites below… enjoy…


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