15 Shirt Dresses To Wear On The School Run

15 Shirt Dresses To Wear On The School Run

It’s officially the start of the new school year, that means for many mums like me… school runs. And one of the most asked questions if I ever do anything editorial is – ‘what are your tips for stylish school run outfits?’

Firstly let it be known that probably 80% of school runs are done in my workout gear as I try to always do some exercise after drop off, shower and then get onto work or play dates with Margot. But – on those days I don’t I have a definite go to I would recommend to anyone, no matter if you have five children or none. And that’s the shirt dress.

The shirt dress is the ultimate zero thought outfit. Take one shirt dress, weather dependent add slides, trainers, ankle boots or long boots. Wear alone, with a cardigan, biker, blazer or full length winter coat. Everything goes. Every season.

So with that advice I have included my little edit below and then a selection of snaps from Pinterest. Dress up, dress down… wear as open or as closed as you fancy… and enjoy the absolute ease that comes with the effortlessly glamorous look.

Ashley x

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