The Back To School Checklist With GapKids

The Back To School Checklist With GapKids

Ok so you have the school uniform sorted, the new school shoes for those forever growing little feet, the back-pack that’s as big as them, and pencil case that doubles as a baby burrito (have you seen those?!!). But what about the after school uniform… the relaxed clothes they’re desperate to get into after a day of learning. That bit of fun, freedom and originality at the end of a long day. This is where GapKids steps in.

The girls in their denim ‘Skirtalls’ by Gap Kids

I’ve been shopping at Gap for children’s clothes since Vivienne was a tiny baby. The quality is second to none – Margot has worn all of Viviennes pieces and they still look new so get passed onto friends children. They have some very special clothes you’ll want to pass down but equally lots of really well-priced options with a lot of items under £15.

Vivienne in her favourite flippy sequin ‘Brave’ top, flippy sequin trainers and shorts. And Margot in her little leopard high-top sneakers and classic denim dress.

Well their ‘back to school’ collection is nothing less… you can tick everything off your checklist. The funky shoes a far cry from the black leathers of school. The inspirational slogan tees, easy breezy floral shorts, cool denim, easy-wear jeggings, little dresses paired with cute collared tops to mix and match and get creative. Even the socks are fun – Margot chose the Minnie Mouse design and now wont wear anything else!

These are Margots favourites – leopard high-top sneakers and Minnie socks.

For the ultimate back to school ‘after school’ wardrobe:

  • A pair of funky shoes – time to be brave with the styles – leopard print and sequins a go-go.
  • T-shirts and long sleeve tops, Margot loves little patterns and Vivienne is a huge fan of slogans. Think she enjoys being able to read them.
  • Socks as soft as a feather but as bright as the sun. Even if they’re hidden under trousers it makes getting dressed that little bit more fun.
  • Easy wash dresses – the little denim pinafore style dress is ideal for messy little ones like Margot.
  • Comfortable stretchy trousers perfect for climbing and running around at the park.

You can shop your local store or online at

Vivienne wearing the leopard leggings which have ‘Fantastiflex’ making them even more comfortable.

Two weeks for us… and back to school we go. The Summer has flashed by, but definitely feeling prepared now with all the boxes ticked and two happy little girls. Hope your September is smooth sailing…

Perfect little denim ‘Skirtalls’ for the girls that they mix and match with t-shirts and these cute little collar tops Margot loves.

Ashley x

This post was written in collaboration with Gap. All images and opinions are my own.

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