A Mothers Edit x Matalan Back To School

A Mothers Edit x Matalan Back To School

Summer holidays seem to go by in a flash… we break up, there’s the crazy excitement, a family holiday, summer camp days… then before we know it the new school year is upon us. How it always comes as a shock when it’s the same time every year is beyond me.

When it comes to getting the girls ready for the new term I am definitely in the ‘prepare sooner rather than later’ camp. I hate having it hanging over my head all Summer… the dreaded giant shopping list of summer socks, winter socks, sports socks… etc etc. And this year I am working with Matalan who have made the entire process the easiest and most budget friendly experience.

Think high quality, comfortable materials, easy dress Velcro collar buttons on shirts and Velcro school shoes for those still learning to dress themselves. I know the teachers always appreciate those when they’re faced with thirty children dressing themselves post PE.

I’ve linked my edits here and here for school uniform and my own school run outfit picks are all linked together here, here and here for you.

For Vivienne it’s all about the water bottle and backpack. Of course she went for unicorns.

My favourite bits – the details. The little gingham bows on the ruffle socks, scallop edges on the little cardigans, and drop waists before the pleats on skirts making them so easy to iron and feel comfortable on.

So if you’re getting ready in advance for September you’re already winning. Top tips to get you to the winning post…

       This can be tricky when you’re in the Summer haze but try and start getting closer to your school week routine. This means having earlier bedtimes and less lazy mornings. Will make it so much easier when the start of term rolls around.

       Arrange play dates with their school friends over Summer where you can. Casual meet ups in the park are so easy and it keeps the friendships nurtured so going back is less daunting.

       Factoring in some slow time for them when they’re back at school and not overdoing it with the afterschool clubs and play dates really helps with the start of a new year. There’s plenty of time for that after Christmas.

       And preparation beforehand helps so much. I try and book any holidays over Summer at the start or in the middle of the six weeks, that way we have time before we start back to get prepared. 

Hope they might be useful and you have a smooth transition back to school. But for now… enjoy your Summer break.

Ashley x

This post is written in collaboration with Matalan. All images and opinions are my own.

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