The Marbella Club

The Marbella Club

When I picture a luxurious hotel with a heap of glamorous history, royalty and a-listers having partied the night away and swam in the pools… I don’t think child friendly. How wrong could I have been…

Marbella Club – Slim Aarons
Marbella Club – Slim Aarons

We had the great pleasure to be invited to stay at the simply stunning Marbella Club this past month and wow what a pleasure it was. From the moment we arrived we were taken care of, a glass of champagne instantly in hand, bags whisked off to the room and relax. We were given a map and shown where all the important buildings were on the hotels land – the restaurants, the spa, the pools (there are three) and of course the kids club.

The Kids Club – Library
The Kids Club – Garden
The Kids Club – Chill out area

Now this isn’t just any kids club. This kids club means business. This is any childs dream playground. There was the chic-est library you can imagine, a kitchen, a perfume lab, stage, chill out rooms, a classroom to play teachers, cars, computers, a dance studio… I’m forgetting a few but if you think of something I am pretty sure they had it. And the staff at the kids club were just fantastic. As we walked up I muttered something to my husband about Margot being clingy and I was sure she would want to just stay with me. I was wrong about that too. She was off – as was Vivienne and they didn’t want to leave. In fact the only way to draw them away from it was the promise of being thrown around in the pool.

Vivienne and Margot playing in the kids club
Vivienne with her kids club unicorn and the slime they made

As it was out of season there weren’t a huge amount of families there but its set-up for them even around the pools. The water temperature was just perfect. The towels so huge they would sit wrapped up snuggly under a parasol and sip their drinks pondering the kids menu on what to order for lunch. They were in bliss as were we.

Part of the welcome package when we arrived in the room
‘Tiny Tots’ programme welcome t-shirts and products for the children in the room

When we were shown our room I have to admit we were a little nervous as the last time the girls tried to share a bedroom on holiday they and us got zero sleep. They were very used to having their own space and Margot would wake and night and wake Vivienne and vice versa. Here – Vivienne had a bed in the rooms lounge and Margot a cot -in our room. We pulled the cot out and placed it in with Vivienne but a bit further down the hall to give them a little noise-space. And we had our room. It worked perfectly. Slightly earlier than normal mornings but they just bundled into our bed and watched TV until a decent hour.

The girls in our bathroom… they loved it!

Our room – seriously stylish, amazing walk-in wardrobe, steam room, double sink, jacuzzi bath (the girls thought was incredible) and gorgeous fluffy bathrobes we padded around in come evenings.

That giant bubbly bath

We did have dinner booked each evening but we opted to have room service. Come 6pm the girls were shattered, we bathed them got them in their pjs and sat out on the terrace with their dinner and our drinks. We had a garden suite so there were two terraces, one outside our bedroom which meant comes 7/8pm when they were fast asleep we sat out watched the sunset and then ordered our own food.

The absolutely huge bed in our room

And the food – divine. Breakfast was a champagne buffet. If you saw my stories I did try some the second morning but couldn’t stomach it so went back to coffee. But it was there – and a selection of champagnes too. For lunch we tried a few different things but my favourite was the chicken skewers – the dressing was just heaven. All of the food was light and healthy – real thought had gone into healthier alternatives. We had a few heavier dinners like spaghetti carbonara – and just heaven. What I would do to order that right now to my desk.

In the gardens… wearing Faithful the Brand via Beach Cafe

There’s so much more I could say – the spa is divine, the beach just immaculate and the staff incredible. Thank you for having us at your little piece of paradise in Marbella.

Ashley x

*gifted stay – all opinions are my own*

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