Anine Bing – How Does She Do It?

Anine Bing – How Does She Do It?

Its been a while since the last ‘how does she do it’ series post and I’ve had a fair few requests. So to kick start it again, with an alrighty bang I had the great pleasure of being able to interview the almighty style queen and mum of two – Anine Bing.

When Instagram launched back in 2010 Anine Bing rose to insta-fame with her effortless style and gained a huge loyal following. This led to her starting her own collection in 2012. She now has ten stores world wide with more opening this year, its safe to say she is well and truly and inspiration… and I wanted to know how she does it…

1. What’s a typical morning routine for you and the kids? 

I am a morning person so my day starts pretty early, around 6-6:30. I try to take a few minutes for myself to get ready before the kids wake up. I recently started TM and I’m obsessed, taking 20 mins every morning to mediate helps me set the tone for my day and center myself. Then it’s kind of crazy packing lunches and getting them ready for school. I try to do school drop off most days and then I head into the office. 

2. Do you prefer to plan your outfits the night before or in the morning? 

A lot of my wardrobe is built around uniform dressing, so everything can mix and match. Most days I wear jeans and a tee with either a blazer or a leather jacket so I don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what to wear. 

3. Do you have any quick makeup or beauty hacks to help hide a sleepless night?

Sleep is so important, I try to prioritize getting a full 8 hours over a lot of other things. I’m usually in bed by 9 or 9:30 because my days start so early. On mornings when I haven’t gotten enough sleep drinking tons of water and a little concealer in my bag for touch ups usually does the trick. 

4. If you don’t want to style your hair everyday do you have a tip for making second/third/fourth day hair last?

I order dry shampoo in bulk. I like a loose wave for my hair and that style sometimes looks better with dirty hair. I use this powder version from BlowPro to keep my hair looking fresh even when I haven’t had time to wash it. 

5. Any sneaky ways to look better than you might be feeling? 

Wearing an outfit I’m comfortable in always helps me feel more confident and put together. If I feel good in what I’m wearing it boosts my mood and helps me focus on what’s important. Also a little sheet mask or under eye mask always helps me feel refreshed. 

6. Any tips for keeping the children entertained whilst you’re getting ready yourself? 

My kids love hanging out with each other and now that they are a little bit older they know how to entertain themselves. I try to keep my routine pretty short because  I’d rather use that time to sit with them at breakfast before school or catch up with them before I have to head to the office. 

7. How has being a mother changed your style if at all? 

I spend so much less time getting dressed now that I’m a mom. I have learned to really rely on my uniform to take the stress and time out of getting dressed. I have to be comfortable, so I need boots I can chase after my kids in and a tee that isn’t too restrictive, things like that. 

8. Any essentials every mother should have in her wardrobe? 

Graphic tees are the best because they make you feel cool and go with everything. You can tuck them into jeans and wear with sneakers or wear with a skirt for a more dressed up look. Tees are my go-to, that and a really good pair of denim that make you feel confident. 

9. How do you balance your time between work and family? 

I love running a business and showing my kids they can do anything they set their mind to. Balancing between work and family is definitely hard but I try to mix both as much as possible and then prioritize. I try to focus in the moment and always do my best to give my full attention to my kids or my team depending on where I am. I don’t have time to make my kids a fresh meal every night but over takeout we can still have a family dinner where all my focus in on them. 

10. Any time saving tips you think every mum should know? 

Sometimes I think it’s ok to actually slow down and take your time. We’re all so focused on being in a million places at once and doing school drop off and helping the kids with their projects and trying to make dinner, sometimes the best moments happen when you slow down and enjoy the time you’re spending with your family instead of rushing to the next thing. 
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