Finding your Mother-Style

Finding your Mother-Style

When ever I am answering a Q&A or giving an interview about A Mothers Edit one of the first questions is usually ‘how did it all start’. And I remember very clearly how it all started as to be honest with you it wasn’t a great time for me in how I was feeling about myself.

I had taken the full years maternity leave. I embraced being a new mum and went to lots of play groups, did baby activities, had a gorgeous group of NCT mums that were incredibly supportive. But there was one thing I didn’t count on. How I would feel about not having the same reasons to get dressed in the mornings. I could suddenly spend all day in week-old grotty jeans and the tee grabbed from the floor and no one would (openly) judge me. There weren’t any rules. I could not wear makeup and not brush my hair… I could forget to shower all week. But as I slid further away from the old me that loved getting dressed and making an effort to make myself feel good… I felt worse. With the year up I found I couldn’t go back to my old job because of the hours and wanting to still see my one year old. So I decided to go freelance and work from home. Vivienne started at an amazing nursery a two minute walk from my house and I felt everything had fallen into place quite nicely. But then I found again – I had no reason to get myself ‘ready’ each morning. The nursery weren’t bothered if I dropped Vivienne off in my pjs. And my kitchen table didn’t care if my hair hadn’t seen a brush that day. I’d lost my mojo basically and I wanted to get it back. Instagram gave me inspiration. And so I decided to join the thousands of others that were posting their outfits on this little app and start enjoying being creative with what I wear. Thinking about how I layer or where there were gaps in my wardrobe for new pieces. I met an amazing community of women who all loved the same things and we all built each other up, metaphorically and on instagram. My followers slowly went up and after a year of posting I decided to show my face rather than just my outfits and it felt like a weight lifted. I wasn’t ashamed of what I had been doing anymore. I was proud of it. And I felt myself again…

And that is how it all started.

So my advice to you – if you feel you’ve lost your fashion mojo after becoming a mother… be kind to yourself. You will feel like you again whatever that is… give yourself time… and remember to be kind.

Thirteen tips and tricks to get your mojo back

  1. Do not beat yourself up about not fitting in your pre-baby jeans!
  2. Buy a new pair of jeans – order a few styles online, try in the comfort of your own bedroom and send back the ones that don’t make you feel good. 
  3. I swear by Levis 501 skinnies. The shape is super flattering, the high waist holds in my stomach and the skinnie fit legs work great with boots, trainers and heels in the evenings. 
  4. I like to have a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black jeans – both of mine are Levis 501s.
  5. What to pair with your jeans? T-shirts, shirts and jumpers. Take a look at what you have and make a note of any gaps in your wardrobe. 
  6. Staples – white, grey and black round neck tees. Oversized white shirt. Pj style shirt. Patterned shirt. Shirts are perfect for the day to evening look. 
  7. Layer. Layer everything. Jewellery – clothes – and a new one for me – scent! So nice having your own unique smell layering perfumes. But by layering a tee with a cardigan with a blazer and maybe even a coat on top of that you’re never too cold or too hot. 
  8. Scarves – bigger the better and perfect for breastfeeding too. I love Zara for their oversized scarves. 
  9. Wear a dress. It is the easiest grab and go outfit there is. You don’t have to think about it in the slightest. Pair with ankle boots or trainers. Midi or maxi best with little ones to avoid flashing at playgroups. 
  10. Trainers are your new best friend. I love Veja – just got some gorgeous canvas ones. And flat boots. I have the Acne Jensen boots and the &OtherStories dupes and wear on repeat with jeans and dresses. 
  11. Do not wear the same thing over and over. Unless it makes you feel good then go ahead. But challenge yourself and surprise yourself, fashion is for having fun.
  12. Use Pinterest. Its great for creating little Inspo boards. You can make them private if you’d rather people didn’t see what you’re pinning. If I see a great outfit I save it and on the days I am struggling to think of what to wear I’ll take a look and recreate an outfit I love. 
  13. Document the days you feel your best – remember what you were wearing and recreate. 

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  1. Sab
    30th April 2019 / 11:10 am

    This is where I am right now! With a 4 month old, I’m only in gym leggings or comfy home clothes, feel like I need a kick up the bum. It does make all the difference to get up, wash your hair, put on some mascara and get dressed!!

    • The Editing Mother
      30th April 2019 / 3:03 pm

      It can get you down can’t it… take your time and have fun with finding your mojo again xx

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