The little things…

The little things…

I find with outfits its always the little things that make a difference. Two people can be wearing the exact same dress but a different pair of earrings, scarf around your bag or neck, anklet, hair clip… it makes all the difference to the look. It can make it.

And theres no trends to follow, just wear what you love. And then I always take one things off before I leave… in the style of Coco Chanel – ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off’.

Coco Chanel

For me my gold jewellery never leaves my body. I always have at least three gold necklaces around my neck, at the moment its my new Monica Vinader moon pendant, my Lucia Hall coin and my favourite vintage chain. I sleep in them, shower in them, swim in them. My gold signet rings I cherish they all have little meanings to me – ways I have marked something significant happen in my life. My first year married, Vivienne being born, Margot arriving. I wear my mothers old engagement ring that she lost the stone from – melted down into a simple gold band slightly hammered although the detail has disappeared with wear. My wrists always jingle with other memories. The gold bangle Vivienne picked for me one Mothers Day. The vintage chunky chain and the delicate diamond chain Richard picked for Valentines a few years ago. Pieces I will have forever and hope to hand down to the girls as they grow.

Little additions like a vintage scarf wrapped around your favourite handbag or loosely flung around your neck or hair make all the difference. Look for patterns and colours you’re naturally drawn to rather than trends. Hold them up to your face and see which ones make your eyes pop or your skin look all slowly, the shade can be so personal and make such a difference. If you’re going to wear one in your hair stretch to silk and it will love your hair right back.

Adding a belt to a simple dress can take a feminine lacy number to all sorts of levels. Black and studded gives attitude, soft brown leather gives a laidback edge. I just bought the gold chain belt linked below and found it instantly lifts a simple red dress I have from Zara. Cinching the waist is so flattering too. Opt for an 80’s chain style looser on the hips creating a V shape which gives the appearance of a smaller waist.

And where to shop them…

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The belts…

The jewellery

The scarves


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