How to Grow your hair long – Part 2

How to Grow your hair long – Part 2

Continuing with my quest to get my hair back to its pre-baby glory days I bring to you part 2 of ‘How to grow your hair long’. In this piece I will be delving into more science to help us understand our hair a bit more – and have a tonne of new tips and tricks. So without further ado…

From the last post we know the facts Рhair is dead keratin fibre. The only way to improve the quality of hair being produced by your hair follicles is by optimising the scalp condition as a foundation for producing healthy hair. Our hair depends on the health of our scalp and there are a lot of things we can be doing to make sure that our scalp is looked after just as well as the skin on our faces. But just as the skin on our faces ages the scalp does too and that means the hair follicles age. The deeper layers of the dermis become less effective and the regeneration slows down.  Which makes sense as I have got older my hair has definitely thinned out.

Now what about our lifestyle and diet?

This is very important – just as with the skin on our faces what we eat and consume effects the scalp. Pollutants from city living settle on the scalp and hair shaft causing dullness, loss of moisture and scalp irritation. Washing your hair will unclog follicles and remove particle pollutants but you can also protect it from pollutions in 3 easy steps:

  1. There are some great anti-pollutions hair care ranges now.
  2. Fewer styling products – gels creams and mousses can encourage pollutants to stick.
  3. Get your vitamins – Vitamin E helps repair and build tissue, reduce inflammation and maintain follicle health. Vitamin A is needed to make sebum, the bodies natural moisturiser.

And how often should we wash it?

Normal to dry hair – one wash per week

Greasy hair – two or three washes per week


What about coloured hair like mine?

it is the most prone to breakage as chemicals have removed the hairs natural protective layer leaving it exposed and drying it out. But hair colouring if done correctly shouldn’t impact the scalp (choose your colourist wisely). You just need to make sure that the actual coloured hair has a little extra TLC alternating a moisturising and a protein mask.

  1. Let your products work – massage a good quality shampoo with active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid into your scalp and let it work on your skin for a good three minutes. Conditioners longer if you can.
  2. Give yourself scalp facials – ‘scalpcials’ as part of your beauty routine. Massaging your scalp, exfoliating it and moisturising it.

From the experts…

I decided to speak to the two ladies I trust with my hair at Josh Wood Aterlier – Kat and Mel. First up the lovely Katherine De Rozario (@Katcutsme) queen of the scissors, shares the seven secrets to going your hair long….

  1. The aim is to have long, HEALTHY hair, so invest in a good mask. The longer your hair, the longer its been there and the more it will need noroushing.
  2. I would recommend alternating between a protein based mask to rebuild the cuticle and a hydrating mask to feed it.
  3. Don’t go for months on end without cutting it. Find a stylist you trust and ask them to take the smallest amount off the ends to see it healthy – little and often every 10 weeks or so.
  4. Then address your internal and external routine…
  5. Buy a shampoo that will stimulate your scalp and gently massage and brush your scalp. This will help the circulation of blood flowing to your hair follicles.
  6. Look at your diet, eat well and invest in some supplements that will boost your internal system.
  7. On average hair grows just over 1cm every 6-8 weeks. Then its just a patience game!


Part 3 coming soon….

Ashley x


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