How to grow your hair long – Part One

How to grow your hair long – Part One

Ever since I had Margot which is now not too far off two years (time goes too fast)… my hair hasn’t been the same. I had masses of of it when I was pregnant – as most women do, and then it fell out when I stopped breastfeeding. As it normally does. But I have been waiting patiently for it to grow back somewhere in the middle of the thick/thin hair I’ve been having… but it hasn’t.

So in my despair I have started to look into it a bit more and thats where this blog post was born.

What have I learnt so far…

Dr Khan – hair restoration consultant for the brand KERLUXE has a prestigious 25-year career in hair restoration surgery and is a firm believer that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The more I have read up on it – the more I completely and totally agree.

Scalp skin should be viewed as a variant of normal skin, in that it has an epidermis and dermis, with a greater concentration of hair follicles. In order for the hair follicles to remain strong and keep producing healthy hair the scalp needs to be in optimum condition.

With this in mind – surely we should treat the skin on our scalps with just as much care as we treat the skin on our faces.

Kerluxe is one of the brands that hold this to be the most important factor in hair care – in fact they believe that just like a skincare routine, the secret to healthy beautiful hair lies in a 4-step, Cleanse, Hydrate, Treat and Protect ritual. Treating your scalp with the same high quality ingredients as the skin on your face.

Their range uses several active skincare ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen, Peptides and Antioxidants – all things I already use on my face but never my scalp. I never would have been thought about using these ingredients on my scalps skin. But I am on a mission to get my hair back to how it was pre-babies starting with upping my hair-product game. Then I will also start taking more care of my hair… and with that in mind have a read of these 5 sins below. One in particular was a shocker for me and my hair-lifestyle….


5 ways you damage your hair which you might not know about

  1. Hair is most elastic when wet, making brushing post washing a no no. You overstretch your hair as you brush and it can snap. Instead brush it before you wash it and then if needed you a wide comb or fingers when applying conditioner.
  2. Sun exposure will dehydrate your hair. UV rays cause hair to lose protein which induces breakage. Cover your hair when you’re in the sun, reduce time in the sun, and use an SPF.
  3. Your brush choice is very important. Delicate and fine – use a natural boar bristled brush as they are super gentle and glide through locks without snagging. Dry hair will also benefit from this brush as the bristles distribute the oils from your scalp along the hair for much needed moisture. Cury hair – use a mixed bristle brush. The natural bristles will smooth the cuticles helping with frizz and the synthetic bristles will detangle. Thick straight or long hair – use a paddle brush. Afro hair – Denman Classic styling brushes are supposed to be ideal as the thick rubber base adds tension when brushing.
  4. Dry shampoo. Oh this one hit me hard I love my dry shampoo its a god-send. But apparently using it 2/3 days in a row means oil and dirt build up on the scalp with the dry shampoo blocking hair follicles which can lead to a reduction in hair growth and loss of hair. If you use it a lot you should also make sure you use a really good cleansing shampoo.
  5. When swimming – always enter the chlorine water with WET hair not dry hair. Hair that’s already wet wont absorb as much pool water as hair that’s bone dry.


How to grow your hair long – Part 2 coming soon with even more tips and tricks – including some of the best products from different brands on the market now.






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