The August Beauty Edit

The August Beauty Edit

When I start using something new and it actually works I get extremely excited. If its cheap then all the better. If its pricey I try and weigh up the cost per benefit. Well recently I have fallen in love with quite a few new things and I didn’t want to wait until my next seasonal beauty post so welcome to my monthly beauty update.

The Unexpected Website

Don’t be put off by the images on their instagram account (genius but gruesome) – this website is a makeup professionals secret. They mainly cater for films but this means they only stock the best brands that are used in the pro industry – you know whats on their site has been tried and tested by industry experts. Brands to check out include Stylpro, Make Up For Ever, Ben Nye, Bdellium, TMA bags and Beauty Blender.

www.The Makeup Armoury .com

The Foundations

I’ve been very unfaithful with foundations recently. I used to always use Chanel Vitalumiere then decided it was too sheer as my skin has got older. I swung over to Estee Lauder double wear and then decided my skin was too dry I look a little caked in it. Then I tried some from Laura Mercier which I liked but didn’t fall in love with (their concealer is my favourite though). Then I found and loved two in one month.

The first is budget friendly – Max Factor Radiant Lift foundation. It lasts all day and has a soft glow finish. if you have things you want to cover its been designed for you to build it up so I use more on my chin and around my nose.

Shop here on

The second is by NARS – Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. Again it lasts and I love the just enough dew finish.

The lip colour

This is a gorgeous gel-balm that turnsĀ into an oil. It only comes in three shades but my favourite is 1-cool. Which surprised me as I usually always go for a pink.

The Hyaluronic Acid andĀ Vitamin C

I have mentioned these a few times on stories and they’re not cheap but my skin has changed dramatically since using them together. The Vitamin C I have used for quite some time now – on my second bottle. But I have just added their Hyaluronic acid to my routine and I am seriously impressed. You do get what you pay for with this brand. If you’re unsure a quick google will show you it works – the reviews are raving.

The Cleansing Balm

So I finished my final bottle of the face wash I swore cured my hormonal acne. It was Peter Thomas Roth and they for some reason changed the packaging AND the formula and the new wash didn’t agree with my skin. I managed to buy about five of the old bottles from the US over a year ago and have been working through them slowly knowing soon I’d be out. So it was a big decision for me on what I used next. I went with a brand I know and trust – Elemis. This cleansing balm is heaven to use… it feels so luxurious and and gets all my makeup and dirt off with ease. My skin actually glows after I have used it. I am obsessed!

Any questions shoot away… thank you so much for reading.



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