The Beauty Edit: Prepping for Summer

The Beauty Edit: Prepping for Summer

I am all for being beach body ready no matter what – i.e. it makes no difference if I am carrying a few extra pounds or not. I am proud of my body, what its done, what it does, its curves and its dimples. But I do like to take extra care of my skin before I hit the beach. Shed the Winter dullness. I find dieting impossible and I love carbs and red wine far too much, so body brushing, exercise, lotions and potions become my Summer prep best friends. And in this post I am going to be sharing what I have been using recently, what I love and what I will be keeping up all year round…

The Exercise

I am no fitness expert (In fact my husband often tells me I am the unhealthiest person he knows!) But I do go to the gym, if anything to make me feel less guilty about the wine and chocolate. I try and mainly do weights and body-weight exercises. I’ll warm up with a run or ten minutes on the cross trainer doing interval training. Then I will work on legs or arms alternatively. And I’ll always finish with ab work on the mats.

I also love going to classes if I can make the timings work with my work schedule and the girls. BodyPump is a new favourite – and spinning (but haven’t done that in months). And nothing beats a good swim for overall toning.

The Gadgets

Legology – I am a huge fan of this brand and have used their products for over a year now. The range was developed by award-winning beauty writer Kate Shapland to deliver a high performance solution to heavy legs and cellulite. When I remember I use the cup on the backs of my legs. Its a little strange – a vacuum cup which promotes deep drainage, circulation, skin firmness, tone and elasticity. Feels good to use though!

Elemis – I have just started using the new body toning formula with their body brush. I love doing the body brushing just before I jump in the shower. Its probably the hardest body brush I have used… at first I found it quite scratchy but now its quite relieving and feels like its really helping with my poor circulation.

The Lotions and Potions

Legology – As well as using their vacuum cup I love their formulas. They’re all designed to relieve fluid retention that makes legs puffy, tired and congested and which contributes to cellulite. I love the exfoliating salts and the daily lift which I have linked below.

SkinCeuticals – Vitamin C – do you use it? Know what it does? This serum is not cheap granted – but it delivers and you use just a few drops every day. It’s essentially an antioxidant formulation that helps to reinforce your skins natural protection against free radicals. It will improve any signs of photo-damage, the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and the loss of firmness. This is always my first step, followed by mouisturiser and then spf.

Sunday Riley – I am a fan of everything Sunday Riley does – and recently I have been using their CEO moisturiser. It’s a protect and repair formulation that as well as fighting signs of ageing it exfoliates to refine skin and provides a protective shield for your skin with something called ‘Exopolysaccharides’ – no idea what that is but I like it. And being a Vitamin C cream it sits well with my serum.

HelioCare – I am always banging on about this (sorry) but wearing spf 50 everyday is my new rule. I’ve so much sun damage (working in a sun-bed shop at university meant free sessions and I loved a tan!). This spf is favourited by beauty insiders and doesn’t cost the earth. I use the gel cream in ‘light’ but they also do ‘brown’ and I have just discovered compacts too – great for when you’re out and about in the handbag.

Elemis – The targeted body toning moisturiser, combined with daily massage is really supposed to help with reducing the appearance of cellulite so I have been using it across my arms, stomach and legs after I get out of the shower. It soaks in within an instant so I can just get dressed and out the door.

I’ve said before I am definitely more spit and polish than polished but they do say you must love the skin you’re in… and that means taking care of it.

Thank you so much for reading…


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