Being a Mother to Girls

Being a Mother to Girls

I absolutely love being a mother to girls. I love that they have so much ahead of them, all the points in their life as a woman they’ll go through. All the things I remember so well. I love that I’ll guide them through the mishaps and heart breaks, mistakes and successes. And already I am thinking about the things I want to teach them as young women.

And with being a woman (and a man) comes looking after your body… teaching them the importance of a good skincare regime, sun protection, moisturising. And of the choices that come with it. My own first experience was locked in my family bathroom and sneakily using some awful smelling hair removal cream on my arm. Big mistake! Think I then followed it with a quick tester of another equally awful smelling fake tan. I so clearly remember having to explain the brown hairless blotch to my friends the next day at school – ‘oh yes some hair dye fell on my arm’?!!!? What was I thinking?

Well in my head – with my plans for the girls they won’t make the same mistakes. Here’s hoping right. But I want to ensure that they know they have choices and also make sure they choose the best product if they do choose to remove hair. The transition from little girls to independent young women can be difficult, but I want my girls to feel confident that they have the knowledge and the tools to figure out what works best for them, and hopefully their first foray into hair removal will be a little more successful than my own.

I have always used Venus razors and never knew they are actually the world’s number one female shaving brand, and a brand designed specifically for women. After shaving for many years, I have also begun to epilate with Braun tools – the worlds most trusted epilator brand. Both these brands expertise make me feel confident in their tools both in regards to getting the best result and their safety. For me these are the two ways I like to remove hair. The most efficient and time saving ways for me. I actually have never had a wax. Ever. Fun fact for the day.

I like speedy, at home, no harsh chemicals, and private, efficient hair removal.

Feeling good in my own skin is so important to me. And having smooth legs and under arms makes me feel good. That might not be the case for everyone, or even for my daughters as they grow up, but nevertheless I wanted my daughters to know the options they have and feel comfortable talking about hair removal.

The Venus ComfortGlide Spa Breeze is always a natural go-to product for me. It just lives in the shower and I don’t have to worry about irritation thanks to the flexible moisture bars which have a lovely rich body butter that keeps my skin feeling so silky and soft in one simple step

Venus ComfortGlide Spa Breeze is available at Boots 

Having the Braun Silk-epil 5 epilator gives me options. A longer lasting form of hair removal it means no fuss and no in-between days. You can use it in the shower or dry which more of less means you can use this anytime anywhere which is great! And actually – it is great value! It has a new beginner cap that shaves and epilates at the same time – it’s perfect for when girls first start out, getting them used to the sensation of epilation which understandably can be daunting.

Braun Silk-épil 5 is available at Amazon

I think giving our daughters choices is so important and we can help by teaching them to look after themselves by giving them the best tools. In every part of their life.

It might be a long way off until Vivienne and Margot start thinking about hair removal, and I have to admit the idea of them both growing up into little independent young ladies makes me all too aware of how quickly time passes. But with knowledge our daughters can be more confident, and for me that is so important.




This post was created in collaboration with Braun and Gillette – all images and opinions are my own.




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