When I told my own mother I was working with BABY Born she was very excited – she reminded me that the Zapf Creation dolls were my absolute favourite as a child. She would take me to Harrods in town to treat me and I remember them so well. I love the nostalgia one toy can bring, memories that come flooding back. I had a floppy bald baby (who still lives in my childhood bedroom at home) and ‘Kay’ who had the fullest head of hair and a big blunt fringe I used to comb everyday.

Vivienne’s BABY Born is a boy doll – she wasn’t too happy about that at first. Declared he a she and informed me that what was hidden inside his nappy was in fact just a ‘bottom’ and not the ‘willy’ I had told her it was. The clothes he came in were ripped off and a frilly pink dress put on. This was not influenced by me one bit, I find her gravitation to what have always been known traditionally as girls toys – so interesting. At a birthday party this weekend us mums stood round and commented that the boys ran straight to the construction area playing with diggers and anything that has wheels – the girls were dressing up and playing shops and princesses.

Well as always I want to make sure Vivienne (and Margot) always have a choice and if they choose pink and frilly so be it. At this age it’s all about learning through play. Making sense of the world around them, gaining confidence in everyday activities. Three year old Vivienne (like most children her age) bends and invents reality – I find it fascinating to watch. The little scenarios they come up with. The things they say – oh they have me in stitches I try to capture them on camera but it’s always out of nowhere.

All her previous experiences, things she hears us say, things she watches on TV and watches out and about – they’re all used to create this little imaginative world of hers. I love it so much – just watching from the side lines and listening to her play.

She’s been babysitting BABY born today and went off to Kingston with the car seat I don’t know how many times. Scolded the he/she baby for taking its nappy off, told it how much more dinner it must eat before pudding, and given it a lesson on using scissors (after its three apparently). She told me with Margot and her new baby she was very tired ‘it’s hard work mummy – I have two babies now’. Had me in stitches – too right Vivienne its hard work!

Vivienne has the BABY born interactive doll with nine different functions that make it more real for her… she literally feeds it in a highchair at the table, changes its nappy, dresses and undresses (continuously!) and bathes it. To say she is smitten would be an understatement.

BABY born

Ashley x


*This post was written in collaboration with BABY born. All photography, words and opinionsĀ are my own*




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