My Levis

Firstly I need to say this is by no means sponsored, I have never even received a gift 
from Levis - I just love them!


One of my most asked questions on Instagram is ‘what jeans are you wearing’ and usually, probably 99% of the time, it is my Levis 501 skinnies. I have them in black and blue and wear on repeat. I do also have some vintage pairs I snapped up in Urban Outfitters which have a wider leg and wear these for a more scruffy look.

Why do I love them so? They hold in my mum-tum, they show off my derriere and because of the quality of the denim they last. I remember back at school my best friend and I always complaining about our jeans getting knees in them – we would throw in the tumble dryer before a night-out to snap them back into shape (anyone else do that?!). It takes a very long time for that to happen to 501s. You’ll be washing them anyway before it gets to that point.

So here’s a few snaps of how I like to style mine. Followed by my edit of the different styles and shades and of course a plethora of inspiration for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy, and please feel free to DM on Instagram or comment below with any queries.






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