Layer Upon Layer

Layer Upon Layer

In the second of the ‘weird weather’ style posts I wanted to focus on layers. Just like your mum probably told you – layers keep you warm – when are mums ever wrong?!

How to do it stylishly… with different textures and colours. Make it obvious how many layers you’re wearing otherwise you’re at risk of looking a bit michelin man chic.

And the perfect wardrobe icon to make it work – the humble denim jacket. The fresh pop of denim under your coat, blazer or knit works perfectly.

I recently got the Levis original trucker jacket and love it so much. The perfect fit and its nice and soft which you need to layer – anything too stiff and it gets uncomfortable. I’ve been wearing it under an oversized blazer, my favourite look, playing with the opposites of a tailored piece vs the scruffy denim.

Go for something lightweight underneath. A t-shirt or a light knit is perfect, remembering to keep the colours different to show off those layers. And pop the cuffs of the denim jacket out the bottom of your top layer too. Fancy a popped collar – the denim jacket’s great for that too.

I’ve linked some of my favourite denim jackets here and popped some more stylish ladies below for your inspiration….


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