The ‘weird weather’ style edit

The ‘weird weather’ style edit

As the snow thaws our thoughts can’t help turn to Spring and all that it brings with it. Promises of longer days, leaving the house without five layers, gloves and a hat… new Spring trends we can start experimenting with and skirts, dresses, shoes without socks! Ok I might be getting carried away it was just 7 degrees celsius today. We are definitely entering ‘weird weather’ territory and it can be tricky to dress for. So I wanted to share my top styling tips for this transitional season… number 1… loafers… with socks!

This is not for everyone, and whoah it is so out of my comfort zone – BUT – my message has always been wear what makes you happy. When people say ‘oh I am not cool enough to wear that’ or ‘I can’t pull that off’ …stop, it makes me sad (and roll my eyes)! You can wear anything you want, you can pull off anything you want.

If you like it – wear it. If you don’t – don’t wear it.

If you don’t have a pair of loafers then you need some! So here is a little edit you can shop. These bad boys will see you through from early Spring to Autumn. Hell – even Winter if you’re brave and up the chunky factor on the socks. i have the Gucci Jordaan Horsebit loafers and they are probably my favourite investment buy. If you like those but don’t want to spend that much money the &OtherStories versions this season are incredible.


&OtherStories Dupes

Classic loafers

Coloured loafers


Now for the socks… I am pretty boring when it comes to socks, I like to keep them a neutral. Woollen textures look great but a good classic cotton black white or grey pair is perfect.

And how to style them… the world is your oyster. But here are some seriously stylish women doing just that. I love how Leandra Medine wears the socks with a little dress in warmer months and Pernille Teisbaek with the big chunky mens suit trousers. It’s a sort of anti-trend that’s almost a bit ‘I don’t care’. Soak up the inspo and have a play with your own. Dresses, maxi skirts, mini skirts, slouchy jeans, skinny jeans. No rules just have fun.

Thank you so much for reading.


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