Ever since I laid eyes on that &OtherStories silky pink kaftan I have become obsessed with embroidery. The delicate art of decorating clothing with colourful designs of flowers, birds and beasts. I am like a magpie to it in the shops, I have to head straight to it and stroke it like I have a crazed embroidery fetish. I tried to hold the obsession in as I’m normally much more minimalist. Black, white, denim, gold and maybe a smudge of red. But the embroidery love is too much I have to embrace it… this Spring Summer I am welcoming the rainbow in with these beautiful embroidered artworks.

I’ve rounded up my edit of the highstreet pieces here – everything from jeans (surprised myself with this one) to lingerie, bikinis and stunning dresses.

Get your inspiration below and then enjoy the shopping…





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