How Does She Do It – Episode 5 – Sally Fazeli

How Does She Do It – Episode 5 – Sally Fazeli

I remember around this time last year I was pregnant with Margot and still hadn’t said anything about it on Instagram, hiding the bump in my pictures, I think I felt I just wanted to keep it to ourselves a little longer and then come December I felt the time was right and it was so exciting telling everyone. But strangely quite a few other mums I followed started revealing their bumps with due dates close to my own. One of them was a gorgeous lady I have followed for years – Sally Fazeli. Pregnant with her second the same as me and due in March – the same as me – we messaged and followed each others pregnancies and with not being part of any NCT type group this time round it was so nice having someone else that was at the same stage as me just to compare notes… and now she has her beautiful baby boy -Remy. And if you don’t follow her already then get ready for gorgeous photos daily… Remy is dreamy with all his luscious locks – the same can be said of Sally actually – prepare for hair envy!

So lets find out how she still manages to juggle her successful job with a baby and a toddler… and still look so good on very little sleep…

Do you plan your outfits in advance?

I’d love to say I do but I’m just not that organised. I do try and plan in my head though roughly what the kids and I will wear if that’s classed as planning haha.

What is the average morning routine for you?

Hugo normally wakes us up at the crack of dawn and wants brekky straight away. Sometimes Ayman will take him down so I can get another half an hours kip and if Remy’s awake I’ve started passing him to Ayman too as he is up so much in the night. It’s nice to get that half hour or hour of undisturbed sleep. On an unorganised day we generally chill in our pjs for a bit having brekky and coffee (of course) and a little play downstairs and then I generally get the boys ready and then myself before leaving the house.

Do you have any quick makeup hacks that hide a sleepless night?

Yes – eye cream, under eye concealer pots from Bobbi Brown and Rimmel concealer liquid – eye bag savers and absolute miracle workers!! I’m going to do a super short vlog on it actually as I feel I need to share it with the world haha.

Do you manage to style your hair everyday or do you have a tip for making second/third/fourth day hair last?

I’m becoming more and more lazy with my hair, I hardly do anything with it to be honest. Sometimes I’ll curl it which literally takes 10 minutes (again I’ve done a hair tutorial on this on YouTube) but more often than not I’ll just leave natural which for me is super straight, I do prefer my hair a little wavy though. For making your hair last longer, I guess just dry shampoo and switching up your shampoos so your hair doesn’t get too used to them and get greasy as quick. 

Any sneaky ways to look better than you might be feeling?

Fake tan on your face and neck, I put it on nearly everyday as I look so pasty without it and it gives me that instant bit of colour and lift.

How do you manage to fit in keeping fit with work and the children?

I’ve only just started a gym and Remy is 6 months, I’ve joined one that offers two hours free childcare 9-11 which is when Remy would be awake anyway so knowing that him and Hugo are having fun playing and I’m getting a bit of me time in too, I think it does us all good. I also use the time to answer emails and grab a hot coffee in peace too hehe.

Do you have to work a lot in the evenings too?

Yes which I find is really hard especially when I start feeling super tired as my eyes start going blurry and I just have to give up for the night. Now that Remy is a lot more active in the day I find it hard getting anything done, responding to emails is enough and I can’t even keep on top of that eek. I’m probably better with official deadlines as I know it ‘has’ to be done instead of just doing it for myself if you know what I mean.

Do you have any tips for keeping the baby/kids entertained whilst you get ready?

I sit Remy on a blanket and get him a bucket of toys to play with. Hugo also generally just plays or I’ll pop ‘Little baby Bum’ on YouTube it’s all nursery rhymes and the kids love it.

Do you get to shower/bath everyday?

I don’t actually, is that gross?? haha.

Do you have any help with the kids in the morning from your husband or anyone else?

My husband is generally rushing for work so not really unless I ask him. He’ll attend more to Hugo in the morning so he doesn’t wake Remy or myself up which is nice.

What time do you normally leave the house?

On a gym day 8am on a none gym day it’s generally around 10am but I am trying to get more organised these days.

Any style tips to make you feel and look better if you’ve not had time for makeup and hair?

Jeans and a lovely snuggly chunky knit – I always think they look cool, effortless and comfy 🙂 – why not pop on a pair of heeled boots too to add a bit of leg lengthening and to tone your legs whilst you’re at it haha. Also a hat – total hair mare game changer!

I think you’ll agree not only is she beautiful but she’s a total mum-boss with the kindest of hearts. So glad I am not the only one that has to skip the shower some mornings. Our house is crazy that hour before the preschool run! Also – had no idea about mixing up shampoos I am so trying that tip from the queen of long hair – thanks Sally!

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