Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

I hate to admit it but I am already listening to Christmas music (everyday) thanks to the delight that is digital car radio. I’m not usually one to get the decorations up before the ‘twelve days of Christmas’ but actually this year I think I might. Its such a short period of time, yet probably my favourite time of year so I am starting to go down the route of well lets just extend it! Getting to see family and friends you haven’t seen in so long, everyone having that merry cheer – whether its alcohol induced or not – its merry right! Then there are the parties, celebrations, excitement – and the gifts!

Now the gifts – enter Etsy. I’ve written about how much I shop at Etsy before – my incredible handmade Sputnik light that graces the living room ceiling (read it here – and shop the light here). But when it comes to Christmas, it really is the perfect place to by your gifts. I love anything a bit different, unique, special. And Etsy is one big online marketplace. Millions of market stall owners online selling their own designs, creations, pieces. The personal one to one service, messaging with the sellers is so lovely, you can have a real chat with that lady that handmade your daughters doll and get to know a bit more about whats gone into it, and tell her how much it will mean yo your daughter. For me it makes gifts even more special.

So with that I wanted to share with you a few pieces I have bought so far… and some other gems I am contemplating. If you are expecting a gift from me this year look away now. Kidding… please read!

The handmade doll

So Vivienne is actually a little bit obsessed with brides at the moment. She very sweetly and naively tells me when she is bigger she will marry me. My heart melts every time, her little face full of hope and excitement. So I wanted to buy her something she can act out her bridal dreams with. I found Rosie on Etsy – she was a dressmaker that held stalls at various markets across London including Portabello. Years down the line and after having children she started making baby clothes and other beautiful pieces like Viviennes doll. So special!


The Vintage toy

I actually bought this for Vivienne – I have such fond memories of having one in my childhood and I thought it would help with playing shops and learning to count and add up. However Margot is currently quite obsessed! I bought it from Carol at Caravan Vintage Retro – she has the most incredible selection of vintage and retro pieces – real nostalgia – and would make for incredible talking point Christmas gifts! I had this vintage Matchbox musical teddy as a baby…


The black and white print

I actually love Brigitte Bardot. Margot could have very nearly been called Brigitte if it wasn’t for Bridget Jones. This gorgeous print with the dog is yet to be framed but going to look amazing on the wall. I bought it from Vintage Photo Shop, they have some amazing prints – the Kate Moss ones are incredible!

The vintage jewellery

Where else can you find a simply stunning 9ct Gold signet ring, engraved for you, and for less than £100?!! Seriously where? I bought this from the lovely Lin at DivineJewel – she’s based in Wales. Such a pleasure to message and I’ve told her how much I love the ring already. Heres the link if you fancy treating yourself or someone special.

Perfect storage

The eternal storage problem we have – finding storage that look good in the girls bedrooms is hard. drawers can be impossible for Vivienne to pull out, and dangerous for Margot. Our toy trunk is a sitting danger – fingers caught ouch! These on the other hand – so affordable, look great, the girls love them, personalised so they can’t take each others and they hold tonnes. I’m using them for toys but they’d also make amazing Christmas sacks for presents! These were from the lovely Carol at Bye Bye Birdie England. Highly recommend!


And those other gems I am coveting… enjoy choosing your special gifts.



This post was written in collaboration with EtsyUK but all images and opinions are my own. 









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