How Does She Do It? – Episode 4 – Lena Terlutter

Sunday Evening, that time I run around the house trying to sort and tidy the bomb site that is my house and get the family sorted for the week ahead. It’s always manic, I inevitably get ratty and take it out on who ever is closest at the time, the wine gets poured, I give up and then the circus that is the week commences again. I know I am not alone in the franticness. It literally is Friday *blink* Monday… the weekends are never long enough. But it does mean it’s time for another peep into another successful mothers routine… I’ve called this one ‘how does she do it’?

This Sunday I am very excited to share an interview with the incredible Lena Terlutter. Effortlessly stylish, Lena is a successful influencer, stylist, author, model, and the proud owner of several shops in Cologne. At 34 years old, she has over 336k Instagram followers, has worked with incredible brands like Cartier and Chanel. She is mummy to the beautiful Luca and seriously cute Lola and is pregnant with her third due very soon! If you’re looking for stylish bump inspo you can’t go wrong following Lena! In fact you can’t go wrong following her full stop.

1. Do you plan your outfits in advance?
No, i tried that some times but I always failed. I really need to decide spontaneously, otherwise I don’t feel good.
2. What is the average morning routine for you?
Getting ready in 15 minutes, drinking my first coffee meanwhile, fast make up, dressing and feeding the kids, driving them to their kindergarten and off to the office afterwards…

2. Do you have any quick makeup hacks that hide a sleepless night?
Yes I swear on touche éclat concealer from YSL.
4. Do you manage to style your hair everyday or do you have a tip for making second/third/fourth day hair last?
No, unfortunately that takes much more time – if my hair is not styled I wear a hat or cap, that´s always the best way to hide a bad hair day.
5. Any sneaky ways to look better than you might be feeling?
An outfit that makes you feel good, in my case it´s almost equal whether it´s a casual or elegant one, if it makes me feel good i´m having a good day.

6. Do you have to work a lot in the evenings too?
Sometimes I like working in the evenings when the kids are sleeping and i´m in front of the computer with the baby monitor next to it – it´s a calm atmosphere since you know there´s no one disturbing you 😉
But i prefer working in the morning, I have the most energy then and it´s easier since you can also make all the phone calls or get a direct answer by email.
7. Do you have any tips for keeping the baby/kids entertained whilst you get ready?
Haha, no I wish I had – for the elder one it´s easy because her biggest hobby is painting and she does it like always, so when I have to get ready she´s already on her painting table, so cute. The little one who is one year old is of course not that easy to entertain while doing my make up, that´s when my husband plays with her and there are also days without make up because of that lack of time 😉

8. Do you have any help with the kids in the morning from your husband or anyone else?
Yes fortunately…my husband and I have a company together, so we do not only share our private but also our business life – it´s far more easy to organize when you have the same job.
Thank you so much for sharing your mum-life with us Lena. Another advocate of the hat and touche éclat!
And thank you guys so much for reading…


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