The Little Beret Edit

The Little Beret Edit

I love wearing a hat – like really love wearing one. And not to make a style statement although of course it does – but I love wearing one for all those lazy reasons like not having to do my hair, take a brolly out, put on a face of makeup. A hat frames your face, its easy to grab, it makes you look like you have your shiz under control even when don’t. Gives an air of confidence, edge and feminine style. And the new little hat that I have been wearing religiously… the beret.

I’ve bought and returned quite a few. I think I must have an odd shaped head… but the style that fitted like a glove – the £10 ASOS beret. Love it when a bargain pulls through. I bought a second in black I loved it so much. So without further ado – here are my top tips on how to style the beret and wear with confidence.

5 Beret Styling Tips

  1. Play around with where on your head you’ll wear it. It looks better on different people at different angles. I prefer mine covering my forehead, worn lower – some people look incredible with it pushed back on the hairline or even further back into the hair. You’ll know what you prefer.
  2. Wearing your hair down – go messy. Too pristine and it doesn’t work so well – think Kate Moss/Jane Birkin.
  3. Hair up – go for a low bun or ponytail and pull out some tufts to give it a relaxed look.
  4. Grab a pair of statement earrings to give the simple beret some oomph.
  5. Do not go cliche… you don’t have to go french breton and onions round your neck – in fact the opposite looks amazing – rock chick tee and beaten up jeans with a pretty little beret balanced neatly on your pretty little head. Boom – perfect.


A red beret is the ultimate show stopper – confidence in bucket loads. And perfect for the grey months.

Seriously chic – the little black beret is a classic that will literally go with everything.

Sugar sweet – go for the ultimate girly hat and pair with masculine pieces like an oversized blazer and vintage jeans.

White looks incredible on brunets and camel works perfectly with blonde hair.

Understated grey is a soft way to introduce the beret and like black it’ll work with any outfit.



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  1. 16th November 2017 / 2:49 am

    I also love a hat in winter. That beret looks fabulous on you xxx

    • The Editing Mother
      23rd November 2017 / 3:13 pm

      Thanks so much Abbey! x

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