The Summer Beauty Edit

The Summer Beauty Edit

I’ve said it before and it remains the same – I am most definitely more spit and polish than polished (unfortunately). Far too lazy to spend hours preening, even before children, so add the two girls and my evenings spent running up and down the stairs settling them whilst trying to cook a dinner, tidy the house, put away the washing and finally work my way through the emails I amass each day (you get the gist we all do it) – beauty treatments are right down the pecking order. So for me anything ‘beauty’ needs to work and work quickly.

Apart from a couple of year-round products I swear by I do like to swap what I use as the seasons change. And absolutely LOVE discovering new products that work. So finally I am going to share them with you – so sorry for the delay in this post – it would seem blog writing is also ending up right down on the evening to-do list these days.

The Hair

David Mallett – these products are a little pricier than my usual hair products but they’re gorgeous! The Australian sea salt spray works like a dream – highly recommend.

Hair Xpertise – always has been and (I think) always will be my absolute favourite hair serum. I have tried a lot of serums and for my hair texture (medium thickness, bleached, a lot of it and naturally very wavy) it works the best.

Serum £12.99 @Boots 

Josh Wood Atelier – I have been seeing Melanie for colours and Kat for cuts and these guys certainly know what they’re doing. I have been so SO pleased with the results, the colour is incredibly natural and Mel played around with shades especially around my face so its flattering on my skin tone. The cuts have left my hair in such better condition as well as slowly helping me grow out what Kat calls my mushroom hair – think it’s where I tie it up all the time and there is so much breakage.

Josh Wood Atelier 

Olaplex – another saviour for the mushroom hair – I was dubious about this as I’d been advised to use it before going to bed on a night I knew that I would wash my hair in the morning. It sounds ridiculous but I never know if I’ll even be able to shower before the school run (sorry to anyone that actually has to see me!) but it all depends on Margot and whether she’s slept well and then what time she wakes and juggling the two of them. So I have had one morning where I headed out with slightly greasy looking hair covered in this magic potion – but definitely worth it. It feels thicker – less damaged and the ends look chunkier. Also down to the cuts of course but they’re working hand in hand to give me the hair I really want.

Wearing the classic wrap towel from The Modesty Company

Philip Kingsley – Elasticizer – another weekly treatment I have been using to put the moisture back in. This more like a deep moisture mask so works differently to the Olaplex. Have had the same issue with using it over night so now I’ll try and pop it on early on a weekend morning and leave it on for atleast an hour before hopping in the shower.

Kiehls – Creme with silk groom – I am not a fan of putting product on my hair after I have styled it – I prefer being to touch it and run my fingers through it without that sticky or hard feeling. Just for it to look more natural. (Apart from dry shampoo – oh yes I use a lot of that as the week progresses). But I was introduced to this by Kat at Josh Wood and its fantastic for all those little flyaway hairs especially around the face.

The Face

Sunday Riley – still totally in love with pretty much everything she does. Current favourites are UFO for the day (great for my breakouts), LUNA for night (use it pretty much every night) and Good Genes (when I feel like treating myself).

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions – Good Night Deep Nourishing Sleep Mask – I have only used this twice but love it already. Anything that works whilst I am sleeping is good for me.

Sleep Mask £38

The Body

Liz Earle – Superskin dry oil – when I remember to put this on before falling into bed I curse myself for forgetting all the other nights. You wake up with the softest skin that looks healthier and brighter. I am sure if it was applied every night as you’re supposed to it would change skin completely over the course of a few months. Perfect Summer skin solution in a bottle.

Legology – two new discoveries for me – the cream and the exfoliating pouches. Both give instant results (and smell gorgeous) that I cannot wait to try for longer to see the long term results. My problem being remembering to use them again as you’re supposed to use the leg salts before jumping in the shower and I would often forget and start once the water was on my skin. I leave the used pouch in the bathroom for the day too as just love walking back in to that incredible scent! The leg cream is great for daily use or if forgetful like me – an instant lift when you’re wearing a little dress.

REN – one of my all time favourite beauty brands – they just launched their anti-fatigue range which as soon as I heard the name I knew I needed to try! Anything to help with my sleep deprived skin. Luckily I was not disappointed the range is fantastic as usual! The body scrub is my favourite – it leaves your skin feeling so incredibly soft and moisturised rather than just exfoliated – I kept touching my arms after using it – gorgeous!

This Works – Skin Deep dry leg oil – if you have even a hint of the scales then you need this bad-boy product.

NUXE – the dry body oil is still my favourite – just heaven. I try and buy the bigger bottles when I can as the spray makes it so much easier to apply. Desperate to try their sun cream too – heard great things and this little set has both.

Jo Malone – one of Jo’s biggest fans I love pretty much everything they do – those scents! Just douse me in them (and my house). Lime Basil and Mandarin in my absolute favourite and I have just discovered another Summer essential – their exfoliating shower gel – and it comes in my favourite scent.

The Tan

Vita Liberata Luxury 2-3 week tan – still my favourite – partly because of the ease – no prep just straight out the shower and slap it all over with a giant mitt. Dries in seconds and left with a great tan that fades like a natural tan would. I can’t stand those tans that go all patchy as your own skin sheds no matter how much you exfoliate. This is not one of those. Plus it smells normal – huge plus for those sharing your bed.

St Tropez – new discoveries I am so excited to share with you! The tan face mask… this is amazing.

The Nails

Essie – totally and utterly fallen in love with an old favourite – Mademoiselle. Like bare nails – but better.

The Scent

Jo Malone – Basil & Neroli – veering away from my usual this is so fresh – my current Summer spritz.

The Makeup

Charlotte Tilbury – I am not a big makeup girl, when I wear it I prefer it to look like I am not wearing anything so am forever in search of the perfect foundation that covers everything yet looks like your own dewy bare skin. Charlottes products are the closest I have got. My favourites include this brand new ‘Healthy Glow’ tinted moisturiser. It totally threw me the first time I used it as it squeezes out as a white liquid cream and as you blend it onto your skin it turns a beautiful tan shade and gives an amazing glow. I’ve been wearing it every day since discovering it.

My other favourites…

Thank you for reading…

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