Sunday Soul

The past few months have been pretty busy. Having a baby and buying a house has certainly kept me busy. But as the dust is starting to settle and we are in our new home I thought I’d go old-skool and bring back my Sunday inspo posts. And today’s inspiration centres on feeding the soul… looking after yourself, taking some time to yourself, relaxing and resetting.

It’s all too easy when you have little people to look after to neglect yourself and it’s something my blogs always promoted – happy mother happy child…

 ‘always put your own gas mask on first’

So whether its taking time out to read a book in the evening, going for a run, using a face mask, or just sitting in silence in front of trash tv – don’t forget to indulge yourself.

And my favourite ways to restore the equilibrium

  1. The cliche of a glass of wine in the bath exists for a reason. Mine is always red and large.
  2. Exercise – still not quite back into that but when I am it feels great. And my gym has an amazing creche – even better.
  3. Dancing – alone, or with Vivienne, to loud music (Kisstory always a winner for me)
  4. Cooking. Being in the kitchen preparing and cooking a meal from scratch. Less common since the arrival of Margot and the end of ‘bedtime’ but hopefully it’ll return soon.
  5. Blogging – saved my sanity when I started after having Vivienne. It’s an outlet that allows me to be creative and have fun. And I am so grateful to you for reading it.




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