The Signet Ring

The Signet Ring

Back in January my husband treated me to a beautiful gold signet ring for my birthday. I have yet to have it engraved as I wanted to save it and have both Viviennes and Margots initials entwined together on it. So it’ll be heading back to the jewellers shortly for the grand engraving as well as final fitting to make sure it fits perfectly as even in January at seven months pregnant my fingers were a little on the portly.

I don’t know if I was subconsciously swayed into buying a signet ring having seen them across social media but recently I have been seeing them everywhere, and I love it. No longer the choice of the pinky-set these rings look seriously cool adorning any finger. With their androgynous style they actually work amazingly with more delicate rings and set-off a brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring perfectly.

As well as the beautiful design from my husband which is solid gold I’ve since treated myself to another signet ring – this ones gold plated from Posh Totty (one of my favourites- find it here) and I have linked it below along with a few other designs – some from just £12.


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