We regrettably never had a baby moon when I was pregnant with Vivienne, but having just bought our cottage we had other priorities. And history seems to have repeated itself this time round as we are in the process of buying a new home hoping to move in within a few months time. But this time around I was determined that we would have atleast one night just the two of us enjoying our company in the luxury of a hotel room, with a good meal and a slap-up breakfast.

Enter The Mitre Hotel.

Local for us just down the road in Hampton Court, this beautiful building sits opposite Hampton Court Palace and on the edge of the river Thames. A seriously stunning spot with so much to explore in the nearby area.

We arrived in the early evening and after being shown to our grand room over-looking the Thames we collapsed. Being eight months pregnant I was ready for an early dinner and TV in bed. We headed down for our dinner both intending to indulge and we were not let-down. Three courses of the most delicious food. Simple but good food. And big portions!

The hotel itself was a little treasure trove of history with lots of hidden areas including this adorable atrium style library which we snuck into to take a look at some of the books. Tapestries hang from the high walls and Tudor history is everywhere.

Anyone considering a break with their other half before the baby arrives – do it. Even just one night away from the every-day routine will be a memory you’ll have forever and some much needed relaxation.



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