Mini Miracles

Mini Miracles

Forever in search of the glow… I’ve touched on my constant battle with my skin so many times now but throw in pregnancy and its a whole new ball game. I really wanted to share with you some of the new beauty finds that have been working mini miracles on my skin these past few months – and how I have been using them to suit the pregnancy and beyond.

(If you want to read about pregnancy specific beauty I have documented those pesky hormonal spots here with my six tips for pregnancy skin)



Sunday Riley – Artemis

I have been so close to purchasing Sunday Riley products for years and the price has always stopped me. But I have started to realise that my previous strategy of stock piling on half used bottles of mid-range product is probably far more expensive than just biting the bullet and buying the product that I really want. There are three Sunday Riley facial oils that I was choosing from – Juno, Artemis and Flora. Artemis is perfect for my hormonal skin – it clarifies, purifies and tones. Aimed at confused skin, its also anti-inflammatory, great for any breakouts and puffiness. It gives me that ‘glow’ that I am obsessed with it, and its this base you need to as close to perfect as possible –  calm happy skin that you can then build on with moisturiser and makeup. I have only been using it in the evening so far, wearing it under my moisturiser and I am so pleased with the results when I wake up. In the morning I have been focusing on my tan which I’ll come onto next….


Tan Luxe – The Face Anti-Age Tan Drops

I have spotted this little product on a few of my favourite IG ladies dressing tables and was intrigued. The packaging is divine but what about the product? Similar to a few more well-known brands on the market’s tanning products – these drops transform your own favourite moisturiser, serum or face oil into a self tanner. They are also anti-ageing as they have a tri-collagen booster which claims to restore dull and lack-lustre skin. This is pretty much exactly how I would describe my skin when I am not treating it, especially with the pregnancy – dull and lack-lustre. I have been using this every morning with my favourite Magic cream (Charlotte Tilbury) mixing it up in the palm of my hand and then rubbing it in to my face and neck. The results – a totally natural glow – so easy to apply, no breakouts, no strange patches from toning, no horrid smell. I love it! And yes – it does look great on the dressing table.

Elemental Herbology – Vital Glow
There is a definite theme with my choices – always in search of ‘the glow’. And this is no exception. I have been using this each night over the top of the Artemis. This claims to be the ‘next generation in intelligent, restorative skincare’ and helps skin that has  environmental damage and the early signs of ageing. My environmental damage is probably more down to all those years of wine and gin consumption – as well as all those sun-beds back at university (I worked in the local salon – free beds at 19 years old was dangerous). Well this cream feels so luxurious, its thick like a soufflé texture but just melts into my skin and I love the smell. It helps with skin turnover whilst you sleep so any pigmentation from pregnancy or the sun, blemishes, old scars from blemishes etc. A great product that you use the smallest amount of so it lasts. All of the products by Elemental Herbology are suitable for pregnancy making it a great brand to get to know. Plus its British, they make all the products here which I love.
Old favourites – Pixi Glow Tonic, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Charlotte Tilbury eye cream, Peter Thomas Roth acne wash (this is only available from the US now).



Liz Earle – Superskin Treatment Oil for Body

In the winter I can get quite lazy with my skincare for the body. The old adage of what you can’t see can’t hurt you… but when you take the time to rub a cream or oil into your body it feels great not only because your skin is soft and void of scales – but also from a psychological point of view. You’re more accepting of what you have. Especially important as your body changes through pregnancy and after birth. Well this body oil is an absolute treat for the skin – it helps smooth and tone which helps with firming. Liz Earle recommend using it everywhere before going to sleep – I have been using it on my arms before bed, and on my legs after showering. My skin looks visibly more healthy and far happier.


Old favourite – Burts Bees Mama Bee belly cream.




Probably nothing new here for the pregnant ladies – Pregnacare. These vitamins contain the essentials needed and a few little extras such as the Omega 3 for healthy brain development.



This is down to nature rather than nurture right now – my hair is definitely fuller and thicker. I am not looking forward to it falling out again post-baby. With Vivienne I had the worst re-growth for months on end. I looked like an alien every time I pulled my hair back.

Old favourite – Hair Xpertise Argan oil


This Works – Super Sleep Dual Pillow Spray

I am trying to get as much sleep as I can before the baby arrives – as everyone says with good reason – beauty sleep works! Sleep water and exercise. Key for the glow. I am missing the excercise right now (no excuses whoops) but the sleep and the water consumption are right up there.

This week I have been trying This Works pillow spray which combines two aromatherapeutic solutions for a good night’s sleep. The original pillow spray I have been using for a good year or so now and love it – it claims to inspire feelings of calm and prepare you for a deep and restful slumber and seems to work well for me. My husband does find it hilarious when I start spraying scent all over my pillows though. Then it also includes a Sleep plus pillow spray – this is to help with night-time wakings. A slower release that works as you move about in the night. Worth a try if you struggle with your sleep.







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