The Humble Mini

The Humble Mini

At eight months pregnant this is one look I can’t experiment with right now and is probably one of the reasons why I am totally obsessing over it.

Oh how I lived in my Levis denim mini last Summer – right through to the end, wearing it higher and higher on my waist as the bump slowly grew below. I can’t wait to squeeze back into it this Spring. But as I wander around the shops now and look at all the SS17 drops – one item keeps popping up in many guises – the mini skirt. Pleather, vinyl, denim, cord, velvet, satin… embellished, distressed and detailed. There are so many gorgeous designs around right now.

As I hold the skirts up to admire them in the shop the question of age appropriate-ness does rear its ugly head. At 33 am I too old to wear these? Is there ever a ‘too-old’ for age?

I think like anything with fashion the same rule applies – if you like it wear it. If it makes you feel good wear it. If you put it on and feel a fool knowing you’ll be tugging it on it all day long and worrying you look like a wannabe teenager then put it down and step away. But if you put it on and feel awesome in it then its meant to be.

If you’re on the fence you can try a few clever styling tricks…

10 Styling Tricks

  1. Remember the rule of opposites – don’t pair your skirt with a tight top, instead opt for a casual top, a baggy jumper, classic t-shirt or a loose shirt.
  2. Play with textures – if you want your skirt to look more casual then opt for a denim, cord or knit fabric – leave the finer fabrics behind.
  3. Pair it with a longer-line cardigan to give a bit of modesty at the back. A long knit also creates that opposites effect as they’re so casual and loose.
  4. Mix leather, denim and cotton. Leather mini – denim jacket and cotton jacket. Denim skirt – leather biker and cotton t-shirt…. etc etc.
  5. Pull your hair up for a more un-done french-chic look.
  6. Be adventurous with woollen socks, hold-ups, patterned and knit tights, long-length socks and OTT boots to give you that added warmth.
  7. Keep the make-up simple and fresh – leave the lipstick at home and opt for a sheer gloss instead.
  8. Don’t buy too tight!
  9. Look in the ‘Tall’ sections for a slightly longer length version of your favourite piece – I have included some below.
  10. Pull on your trainers for a more sporty feel or go Parisian androgynous in some Gucci style loafers.



(…and take a look below for some beautiful inspo)

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  1. 4th February 2017 / 11:06 am

    Gorgeous! Lovely post and a great edit. I will shop when I’m also not with bump. Feel your pain crushing on pieces you cant wear. Keep up the lovely blog xx

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