Smear for Smear

I have always been very open about my own history with cervical screening and the removal of CIN3 cells I had this time last year. The reason being is I want to raise awareness of the importance of going for a smear test. If those abnormal cells hadn’t have been spotted and removed I would have continued with my life – got pregnant – maybe attended a smear after the baby was born – but then it may have been too late. It’s a scary thought. But makes me so grateful for the screening system we have in place.

This week the fantastic charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust are running their campaign to raise awareness – Smear for Smear. It’s pretty simple if you want to get involved – lipstick on, smear and post on social media. Details below…



The Headline Stats

  • Cervical screening coverage has dropped to 72.7% and is now at a 19 year low
  • 1.12 million women did not take up their screening invitation in the last year
  • 1 in 4 women do not attend their┬ásmeartest when invited
  • Cervical screening (smeartest) is not a test to find cancer, it is a screening test to detect changes to the cells of the cervix
  • 3 women lose their lives to cervical cancer every day

Lets help change these stats and make a difference.

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