The Sunday Edit: Things that make you smile

The Sunday Edit: Things that make you smile

When I started aMothersEdit I was just finishing a years maternity leave and I was feeling less than stylish. I wanted to bring back some ‘style’ to my every day life – not just with the clothes I was wearing but in my home, in my appearance and just generally in how I lived my life – my new life now I was a mum. I wasn’t living it in the way I was so used to pre-baby, and I had lost those things that I used to be able to rely on to give me some glamour. The office job in a well-known London fashion-house, the breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas in hotels and restaurants that always called for heels and a blow-dry, a full face of make-up and the lunch break splurges on Oxford Street. All totally superficial of course – but they did provide me with a certain sense of glamour that I loved. So it became important to me to make sure I found style in the everyday and didn’t just slouch around in my track-pants having not washed my hair for a week (this happened a lot). There started aMothersEdit – my life edited – to bring style to the everyday.

With the new home search on my mind every second of every day at the moment (and partly behind the 4.30am wake ups) I wanted to focus my Sunday Edit inspo post on being at home today. On how to bring style to your own home. And my top tip – surround yourself with things that make you smile. Never have anything in your home that isn’t entirely useful or completely beautiful. Pictures, artwork, books, maps, memories, trinkets, anything at all that you personally find beautiful. Display them proudly in your home so that every time you catch sight of them you smile. Every time you use them you feel good. And I am not talking spending a lot of money, just editing what you have already and adding bits where needed. From the big – a beautiful mirror or piece of art on the wall, to the small – the towels hanging in your bathroom or the soap you use every time you wash your hands. Little pieces of style in the world you’ve created – home.


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