Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Pink to Make the Boys Wink


Last week I had one of those days where every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror I was disappointed – I looked drained, tired and bloated, and I can’t blame it entirely on the pregnancy I had been thoroughly enjoying myself over Christmas. I was trying on sale buys in Zara and popped a bright pink fine knit jumper on. The instant perk-me-up was amazing. My skin looked brighter, my hair seemed less meh, and I felt happier instantly. After a long queue at the till I swiftly nipped back into the changing room and popped it on stashing away the grey t-shirt I had chosen that morning in my handbag. Ta-dah – a facelift in a second. Ok maybe not quite but it just showed the power a bit of colour can have on you. And this is coming from someone who literally lives in black. Black, white, denim and gold.

So I am championing the pink jumper in todays post and encouraging you to give the power of pink a try.

Style Tips

Add to vintage denim for effortless cool.

Slump over a dress or skirt for feminine grunge.

Work with opposites – steer away from being too clean-cut and ‘pretty pretty’ by giving your pink an edge.

 Soft pink looks amazing with leather bikers or pleather trousers and the brighter hues work amazingly well paired with red and maroon.

When in doubt – accessorise.

Inspo shots here and my edit is below, including a few options for fellow mums with bumps…


And for the mums-to-be




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