Little Sales Edit

Little Sales Edit

Personally I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the sales. Online sale shopping – LOVE! In stores – they go on for far too long leaving just dregs for weeks, the shops always look a mess, the q’s at the tills are insanely long and the staff always seem so miserable – fed up and tired I don’t blame them. Bring on the new season and its like a weight is lifted – the shops are glossy and fresh and the staff are smiling again!

Online shopping in the sales is the perfect antidote and ideal if you’ve had your eye on something in the run-up to Christmas. So far this sale season I have treated myself to a pair of white boots – something I have been coveting for months and at just £15 (River Island) it would have been rude not to. And a £1 khaki neck scarf from Primark. And… a bikini from Matches. Probably not the most sensible purchase when you’re seven months pregnant but maybe it’ll spur me on to hit the gym post-partum.

The River Island boots have sold out online now  (the snakeskin are linked below) but you might be able to find them in stores. And Primark had hundreds of these neck scarfs. They’re bigger than the Zara ones I already have so perfect for a bit of Winter warmth.

The rules of thumb I tend to stick to when sales shopping – leather for a bargain forever piece, trends at dirt cheap prices, and classics you’d buy anyway at a bit of a discount – the Breton top, the blue jeans, the blazer etc.

And a little white boot edit if you have a white boot shaped whole in that shoe-drobe.

(Mine are the River Island ones which have sold out but I have linked them in case they come back in stock).


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