Pregnancy ‘Glow’

Pregnancy ‘Glow’

When I was pregnant with Vivienne three years ago I eagerly awaited the infamous glow of pregnancy. It never arrived. Instead I was greeted by extremely unpleasant pregnancy acne, everywhere! My face, my décolletage, around my hips even. It wasn’t nice and got me down, especially towards the end. Breastfeeding seemed to make it even worse and I was petrified to try new acne products at the risk of harming Vivienne in any way. Three years later, second pregnancy, and I almost have the little nasties under control. I’ve done my research, I know what I can and can’t use, and I am armed. My skin is so much better than the first pregnancy so I wanted to share with you my top tips for battling that anti-glow we’re blessed with for 9months+.

Lesson 1.

Glycolic acid and salicylic acid – I have been using both, salicylic acid products MUST be under 2% strength though, and if you’re unsure or worried about using it speak with your doctor first. I use the salicylic in the evenings to clear the excess sebum and glycolic in the AM to help freshen the skin. After every cleanse I use the Pixi Glow Tonic to exfoliate.

Lesson 2.

I will not be afraid of moisturising creams. When my skin was breaking out I steered clear of adding any extra moisture in fear of it making the spots worse. Big mistake. My skin was battling with itself and producing more than it needed to compensate. Morning and night I use the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream on my face and around my eyes. My skin feels plump and happy.

Lesson 3.

Body brushing. I usually only do this in the Summer but now I am taking the time to apply creams to my stomach to avoid stretch marks each evening I am throwing in a quick body brush and its worked a treat at keeping those bumps away.

Lesson 4.

Treatments. I know when this baby arrives with Vivienne as well, I won’t have much time, if any to pamper myself. So I am making the most of the evenings when she is asleep to give my skin a little treatment every other night. Current favourites in rotation are Ren Wake Wonderful, Pixi Overnight Glow, Clarins HydraQuench cream-mask and Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C serum.

Lesson 5.

When I do get a spot – I will not touch it! I have had the odd spot, always around my mouth and chin, lovely hormones. And I have made every effort to not touch it. Bacteria spreads so rapidly and those wandering hands in the day are the biggest culprits in helping the spread. I have the Sarah Chapman spot stickers and they’re fab if you can’t help but touch.

Lesson 6.

Keep on drinking. I am guzzling water so much at the moment, much more than I ever would this time of year. It helps that the pregnancy has made me increasingly thirsty all the time, but it also stops me over-eating (kind of) and as everyone knows is the best antidote to dry, breakout skin.

I’ve linked all of my favourite products here for you if you’re interested in trying any of them. Feel free to email me or comment below with any questions too.



  1. 22nd December 2016 / 6:06 pm

    Could not agree more! My first pregnancy I never got the so called “glow” either and just got spot after spot. This time though I’m making a big effort to make sure I treat my skin kindly. Still could do with some extra help so thanks for the product recommendations! First stop for me I think will be the Pixi Overnight Glow. Happy 3rd trimester. My baby girl is also due in March! x

    • The Editing Mother
      22nd December 2016 / 7:42 pm

      Oh Grace the spots are horrid aren’t they, would so recommend the tonic it’s great, and the overnight glow is such a nice treatment every few days. March babies!!! Xx

  2. Jenn Blumert
    30th July 2018 / 1:26 am

    I know they say to stay away from anything “anti aging” and I use Charlottes magic cream now and I’m trying to conceive. Do you think everything in the ingredients is ok to use while pregnant?

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