How To Make Your Clothes Work Harder This December

How To Make Your Clothes Work Harder This December

We are in December which means talking about Christmas is now perfectly acceptable and getting excited about Christmas is a requirement! It also makes for the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and probably eat and drink far too much.


But… I’ve found the getting dressed up a lot harder since becoming a mum – nights out were constant before Vivienne came along, last minute plans happened all the time. These days its like a military operation – baby sitter booked way in advance and outfit planning needs to be scheduled. But it also means I don’t want to spend a heap of money on ‘going out’ clothes when I am mostly staying in. I need my clothes to work harder for me. I need clothes that work for in, out, day and night. And accessories! So I have pulled together this little edit in the hopes it might help anyone else in the same boat…



    1. Buy a party top – not a party outfit. Love your scruffy Levis – fine – just dress them up with a top and heels and your done. Live in leather leggings – even better – a new top will set them off for the night. Prefer tracksuit bottoms – more of a challenge but with enough confidence it can be done… that’s why they invented ‘SportsLuxe’! Shop my edit below…
    2. Accessories – even the most simple day outfit can be jazzed up with accessories. And makeup is key. Statement earrings, a red or burgundy lip, and a sequin handbag and the all black office look is instantly party-ready.
    3. Buy a trophy jacket – a show stopper that you can put on with anything. I have a few of these that I have collected over the years and the longer you have them the better – bringing out the old favourite from five years ago means you’re not going to bump into anyone wearing it. It could even be described as ‘vintage darling’. Sequins never go out of fashion – and a tuxedo style jacket is perfect for day-time too, just add biker boots or trainers. 
    4. The little black dress. Choose wisely and it’ll be easy as easy to dress down as it is to dress up. Anything on the skimpy side – use layers. Underneath for day (polo necks and long sleeve tops nineties style) and over the top (cardigan or jacket) for night.
    5. If you’re buying party shoes – opt for boots. This seasons gorgeous block heel boots are perfect for day too. Play with textures, sequins, velvets and metallic. 



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