Baker Boy

Baker Boy

With the straw hats well and truly packed away until next Summer I wanted to add to my collection of hats that I can wear in the colder months. Enter the baker boy hat. Favoured by Kate Moss, Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller for years, last Winter they popped up on the heads of style bloggers across Instagram and I am jumping on that bandwagon with my very own £9.99 version. I have always championed a hat – a mums best friend – perfect for bad hair days, don’t have time to even look at my hair days, and when its piddling down, you have a buggy to push / kids to grapple with and no hands for a brolly. Hightstreet hats come pretty cheap and unless you find a style you fall in love with, theres no real need to invest in a pricey version. Mine gets sat on, squished into bags and soaked through so I keep it cheap and cheerful. Shop my edit below these stylish ladies and their baker boy style…









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