A Little Autumnal Glow

A Little Autumnal Glow

I am the first to admit I am lazy when it comes to beauty… I wish I could be that perfectly groomed woman with perfect nails and perfect glowing skin but if I have a free evening any good intentions of a pamper in the bath buffing and moisturising go out the window as soon as my husband hints at a takeaway and netflix (currently on the latest Narcos series – so good).

But this late Summer heat wave had taken me by surprise as my Summer tan has all but disappeared leaving me with pale bumpy sad looking skin that needed some tlc asap! So with an hour set aside and an arsenal of products I set upon project ‘autumn glow’.

Cleanse – everything comes off, nail varnish on hands and feet, makeup, scents… starting with a clean slate. I’ve mentioned before about my temperamental skin and lovely hormonal acne… so I use this amazing face wash by Peter Thomas Roth with has 2% salicylic acid and works wonders! This Pixi glow tonic is a cult product for good reason – it’s amazing!


Hair – I always wash my hair first, its too long to wash in the bath so a quick shampoo in the shower and then a mask for when I am in the bath. I swear by the Aussie three minute miracle. Cheap and cheerful!


Warm bath – the big soak, as these days a long luxurious bath is so rare I make sure the product is special and spend a little more. These are my absolute favourites…


Light a candle – its a cliche but there’s nothing better than walking into a scent filled room glimmering in candle light… heaven!


Exfoliation – get scrubbing. These are my go-to scrubs, the Vita Liberata is far less glam but does a good job in prepping before you tan.


Nails stage one – once your relaxing in the bath now is the perfect time to have get working on those nails. I always go back to Essie products because they work. The polishes last well too.



Moisturise – after being treated to the Jo Malone products for my birthday back in January I am absolutely addicted. Feel a little guilty about the price but the smell is just divine! Soap & Glory is a great cheaper alternative though.


Tan – this is the best tan I have ever used. No streaks, the perfect colour, easy to apply and lasts. I’ve written a step-by-step guide before just here if you want more details.


If you have problems with white sheets this is the best tan I have used that doesn’t come off on your clothes or linen.



Brows – with your pores still open tweezing will be a breeze.


Nails stage two – I always go one of two ways – au naturel or bright! And usually mix it up so I don’t match toes to fingers.


Scent – a quick spritz… even just before bed. I love it when the sheets smell all fresh especially with this Jo Malone!


Now relax and enjoy the new polished you…

Ashley x





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